Monday, September 11, 2006

the vessel.

i'm plugged in.


Michael said...

You are so my favorite.

Also, it appears you've taken over and are now producing your own boob shots. Congratulations, and thank you for lightening my workload.

minor american ii said...


it's not a boob boob shot. not like yrs.

[this is all it takes to be yr favorite Michael?]

Michael said...

Mine was totally not a boob boob shot either, but you'd much rather think of me as a white male oppressor, apparently.

Two options re: favorites:

1) It's really hilarious to me for some reason that you decided to post this EKG shot. It's like you're documenting your first step towards cyborgdom and shit.

2) I am a total perv with a titty fetish and I just can't just can't just can't get enough. Wahoo.

Take yr pick, lady.

minor american ii said...

i choose, michael, i choose.

Julie said...

this alarms me. are you alright?

minor american ii said...

o, do not be alarmed. i promise not to announce serious health problems via minor american. i've had this strange heart palpitation thing my whole life and my doctor wanted to check in on it. is all.

and i do so love becoming borg. [the queen is SO hot.]

Alli Warren said...

re: borg, my re(cent) fascination with

sousveillance etc

and SMann

take care that heart, kate

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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