Wednesday, January 31, 2007

what some poets said.

starring: suzanne stein, caconrad, magdalena zurawski, & me.

w/ subtitles.

[i need a new camera.]

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


my peoples know how to burn shit down.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

a very cool site

to help you go GREEN

earth 911

you only need to know yr zip code.

Friday, January 26, 2007

another fine online journal for you to read!

a l i c e b l u e s t e p s i n t o 2 0 0 7 w i t h a
n e w i s s u e !

ofelia hunt
tao lin
a d jameson
jon swan
nadine darling
c mcallister williams
ellen kennedy
hugh steinberg
doug nufer
elisabeth workman
james belflower
tim roberts
anne heide
mark cunningham
meagan evans

alice blue 5

is everyone on issue 5 now?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a fetish


[i just found out from reading logan's blog because he is always in the know.]


& it is awesomely beautiful

& i have some of my freakish german sonnets for ted berrigan in it.

because susana gardner is merciful & in all ways kind.

dawn pendergast john hyland alana madison kristin palm cs carrier anne heide andrew demcak carrie hunter
adam fieled logan ryan smith bronwen tate bill allegrezza simone muench kerri sonnenberg eileen tabios
jared hayes edward smallfield kristy bowen anne boyer raymond farr marcia arrieta elisa gabbert
kathleen rooney shanna compton mike hauser rachel abramowitz peter jay shippy jessica bozek john deming
kate greenstreet rob mclennan samara bulhassan elise ficarra lance newman anna preston daniel borzutzky cathy eisenhower jonathan manning lonna whiting james grinwis jordan stempleman dan chelotti o hunt
joseph cooper melanie hubbard jennifer sarah frota michael farrell barbara maloutas eve rifkah vernon frazer bob maracacci kathryn l pringle duane locke matina stamatakis john bradley brandon shimoda
michele detorie stephen ratcliffe mark cunningham will gallien steve timm johannes göransson lisa janssen
jen scappettone

there you go.

now you can't complain that you have nothing to read.

climate change & terrorism

what "experts" say

Monday, January 22, 2007

if you are feeling like you've seen this before

the sort of tactics our PRESIDENT is running with.

if you are wondering about CONSERVATIVES and how they were made.

you should watch THIS VIDEO .

it will really give you the goods. especially if you were too young to notice. like me. in some regards.

thanks to elise ficarra for sending us the link.


thanks to the NFL for granting my wishes yesterday.

time for the 4th annual poet's superbowl party! woo!

go watch the video. go ahead. you won't be able to stop.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


this is what i want today:

the Colts & the Bears to win.

& then i don't much care who wins the superbowl.
so long as they are in it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yr carbon footprint?

i woke up at 3 am thinking that i need to post this!

yr carbon footprint has a direct effect on CLIMATE.

you will need to have yr most recent electricity bill & an honest estimate of how many miles you drive a month & how much mpg yr car gets. IF you are a driver!

also, make sure you choose yr country! you know how us USers can't measure things the same way as everyone else.

our carbon footprint was angelic. which surprised me. but, we keep the thermo at 65 [& we have to since SF is the new Brooklyn] & turn lights off when we don't need them.

i hope yrs is as good.

also, we finally viewed Al Gore's _An Inconvenient Truth _& it actually was informative & terrifying.

there is also a rumor that PG & E will plant a tree for you if you give them a little extra money. i will try & find out if this is true. maybe you already know that it is.


one more thing about the environment.... if you are suffering from CHOICE FATIGUE at the market.... try & buy the foods w/ the least amount of packaging.

for more helpful info try THIS SITE. there is also a book by this group that has been the inspiration for OUR emergency green lifestyle that is super helpful.

let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007


this is revealing, but...

maggie & i are seriously worried that chloe is to be killed tonight on 24.


i pre-ordered logan ryan smith's the singers today. you can too... here you go. i'm very much looking forward to it.


i feel better but the Poods is still sick. he had to go to the doc this am & get some fluids. has an upset tummy. poor little Poods.


i think we will actually be attending all the millions of readings this weekend. after a long hiatus.


are there any other non-joggers or haven't jogged in over a year joggers out there who want to start?
i miss running & i won't do it alone. i know me. i'm a chicken.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i was tagged again. by susana

but i have the flu & can't think of anything that is unknown about me.


if anything...

i think you know too much about me.

like i have the flu, i have a blind poodle named percy who also has a virus right now, & i'm maggie's [known on the east coast as MAGGIE Z, which, kind of bothers me because it doesn't really suit the maggie i know... to be called : yo, MAGGIE Z, what up? i mean... but it is still funny, i guess, to think of that part of her that IS MAGGIE Z. ] o, and yeah, i'm maggie's ladyfriend.

five things you don't know about me.

1. while you do know from alli warren that i am from the same valley as alli warren, suzanne stein, & judith goldman... what you may not know is that i spent 3 years in a place called the Antelope Valley. not three straight years, though, & maybe it was actually 5, but the point is... it is a place of death & meth & i'm very happy to have escaped relatively unharmed with my wits. as did my entire family & most of my friends.

2. i am terribly shy & like to pretend that nobody knows who i am so i don't have to make small talk with people i don't know very well. this doesn't work very well, however.... because there are plenty of people that i've met many times & am still shy with & instead of coming off as shy... well... i think maybe i come off as a bitch instead. but really, best case scenario, maybe awkward. i am hoping i can pull off awkward.

of course... after a couple of beers i can make small talk a little too well.

3. i am really disgusted by most microbes. i'd just rather not know what they look like magnified.

4. i'm a poet.

5. i'm Scottish, but the last name is actually French, thus the chips, but the sweaters are Scottish, and that is my Clan, but this is all over 300 years ago because we landed in CT back in the 1690s & despite a brief stint in canada after fighting for King George III, we have been set in the country ever since.

i think maybe everyone knew all that already. except maybe 3 & 4. heh.

okay. i would like to hear from

1. that canadian that was bugging me about my blog a few months ago
2. elise ficarra
3. bruce andrews
4. andrea rexilius
5. julie reid


& tell me...
do you think we should send another 21500 troops to Iraq like Mr. Bush proposed tonight?
do you think congress will pay for it?

do you think they should?


i'm reading don quixote. i am laughing a lot.

all three of us are squatting at elise's bc she is in europe & she said we could.