Saturday, September 30, 2006

saturday morning

Judith & Jules were each amazing last night at SPT & i think even if george w. had made it to the reading he would not have been able to decipher/decode/determine/detect: read. so. [see a few posts ago if yr wondering about the george w. thing.]

i love hearing Judith read because i feel like i can almost see/feel her writing process when she does. she's performative, not in a polished way, thank god, but in a passionate & raw, chewing peppers w/ an open nerve in yr mouth, kind of way.


CAConrad left a few days ago & we miss him in SF. it always seems like he belongs here when he is here but then, we all know his heart belongs to Philly. he just posted some musings he had while he was here over at PhillySound. a nice little write up about our gay marriage marriage which is not gay marriage but is the only "gay marriage" we can get. [because it makes way more sense that we legalize TORTURE. absolutely.]


i am on vacation starting Monday for 11 days. i am so excited. & i already have writing deadlines thanks to a very HAPPY friend of minor americans. thanks HAPPY friend!


last night's reading made me want to go home & write. i wish the readings were earlier & i didn't have a job & then i could go listen & then go write for a couple hours & then go meet everyone at Sadie's. i think that would be how i would organize the world.

instead i am back at work with a bit of dehydration & thousands of people [thanks to the smithsonian.].

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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