Tuesday, June 27, 2006


this is just to say that i spent 2 hours at the dmv today because i lost my DL at some point during the dyke march [probably one of the fifty million times i had to pee] AND...

while i was at the dmv i started reading the script of Wall on Terra i stole from david b.

and there is really nothing better than reading the Wall on Terra and hearing a constant light buzz and:

"Now helping H 5 0 1 at counter 12"

"Now helping F 0 6 7 at counter 3"

"Now helping G 0 2 1 at counter 20"

[and mind you, i was G 2 6 4 today]


i had fantasies that i would be arrested for reading a judith goldman [w/ david b] text in a government facility.

since, yeah, that's a subversive act.

right there.


and i was also imagining david's eerie [uncanny] [unbecoming] knack for sounding Bush-like. Bush-ish. Bush.


which leads me back to the dyke march and a sign i saw: Bush is a Dick.


on that note.

goodnight everybody.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


too much so.

i don't have the energy to even attempt to communicate how much i loved judith goldman's and david brazil's Wall on Terra last night at New Langton. but, i did. love it. very much.

i think every time the weather changes i start to feel a little bit sick.

am reading the omnivore's dilemma and becoming more and more disgusted with Corn. Corn the commodity.


and, Suzanne Stein 's Fugitive State in Both Both ... you all have to read this... i love that :

"Everything inside conspires."

i will say more about this poem when i'm feeling better. and the Wall on Terra because i stole david's script and get to read it now.


tomorrow is the dyke march so we are skipping the poetry marathon and marching and partying in the castro. it is really the only time of year we identify as homos before writers.


i wonder how many hits the blog will get because i wrote : HOMO.


i have work here, now, with a couple more to be added this week. my harmony series.


i'm worried about North Korea and launching missiles.

i suddenly realize i haven't done nearly as much as i want to do with my life.


maggie and i bought our first bed together and it was delivered today.

i think that means we are getting pretty serious.


Monday, June 19, 2006


i seem to be in a constant gushing state...

see tim yu's 2nd installment.

brandon brown is a rock star

i think brandon brown's "memoirs of my nervous illness" is genius.

i'm in love with that book.

i mean... i don't think i know exactly what it means when people say something is "authentic" poetically... or... rather, i think it is problematic to say such things... but i am going to say that this book that brandon brown wrote struck the authentic cord or plucked the authentic chord in me as a poet and this is very exciting to me because i am not struck nor plucked very easily.

and why...


i think because of many things, but i will try to make it more specific and say it is the way of his language.

okay, so that wasn't all that specific and here i'll just blurt things out and maybe later try to make more cohesive:

language => sincerity => investigation =>questioning sincerity=>language =| ENVIRONMENT causing ILLNESS



which is a question i can't answer for anyone but myself...

i blame architecture and paint color for my insanity.


all of this to say i think "memoirs of my nervous illness" is just a phenomenal work and i'm so very glad i got to be there to hear it last night and also so very glad that brandon wrote it. or someone who is somehow brandon wrote it.


o, and thank you jack for replying to the post i deleted because you replied so quickly and so well and i got my answers and all because of you, jack!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

roubaud and brown

brandon brown and i were invited to read and speak in elise ficarra's class at sfsu last night... and it was really great. the class had a lot of interesting and hard questions for us and it was so wonderful to have people engaging/trying to engage with work on that level. it looks like a great class... a lot of energy and creativity and investigation. [and elise is a wonderful teacher.]

but, anyway, i got to hear brandon's MY LIFE AS A LOVER again and i've always loved those crazy sonnets...

slamming heads into rocks, etc

and i just read this poem on my lunch break and decided that brandon [and you] should read it too:

Boulevard Pereire by Jacques Roubaud

between Boulevard Pereire
north side
and Boulevard Pereire
south side
bulging with red
roses and pink
roses and
white roses
rain down petals wet
with the rain of a Pentecost Monday in June

if I were fifty years younger
they would come down tongues like as of
fire–I would understand all dialects
and would speak to the roses
red roses, pink roses, white roses
in the original tongue.

Monday, June 12, 2006

one day off

and it is today.

i am waiting for:

The Form of the City Changes Faster, Alas, than the Human Heart - Jacques Roubaud

as well as: this connection of everyone with lungs:poems -Juliana Spahr

and: the omnivore's dilemma by Michael Pollan.

these books are being mailed to me. it would be nice if they came TODAY.


we're going to watch soccer.


i have work in this here alice blue three


and a brief note to my unemployed friends looking for temp work. last summer, before i started teaching, [maggie is watching soccer and screaming at the TV. *THIS* is usually MY role. i hope her team wins...] i was desperate for temp work and this place: TEMP got me an admin job at a non-profit before i even got home from my testing interview! the woman who helped me was Mari. check them out. if they have something, you'll get it.


word is michael "phillip the cracker" nicoloff and i should be starting a celiac blog. and i think we will. it will be great. we'll talk about food and our bodies and i will talk about nice things like dermatitis herpetiformis and how LUCKY i am.


o, and thanks to all who have been supportive of and playing my BANJO this past weekend!

Monday, June 05, 2006

i just read this:

tim yu

and very nice meeting you tim at artifact.

My First Few Hours Off

Okay. I have to be at work at 4:30 pm and I've been either sleeping or working all week because we're short-staffed at the restaurant and that's the way it is at restaurants. So I work twelve hours and then sleep for 7 and then do it all over again. So my apologies in not posting.

Mike Magee: I've been thinking about your post and realize it needs a longer reply, so when I am off tomorrow, I'll write for real.

Bound to Get Fuller: Is the reason you're called that because you are going to let Kate and me in the band? I have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. I can play them, too.

Springsteen: I have two extra GOOD seat to tomorrow's show in SF (actually at the Concord Pavillion). I will sell them at half price ($50/each) if Judith Goldman doesn't want them in the next hour.

a post

okay, so i didn't believe maggie that if i put the word "lesbian" in one of our posts our blog's sitemeter would go out of control and so i did and it did and it is a good thing that i didn't bet any money.

i thought just "banjo" would do the trick, but no, "lesbian" is the more popular google word of the two.


i just got an email from the CW program at state spreading the word about a teaching job in Poland that i'm pushing maggie into doing. it would only be for a semester and i think she'd be ideal for the job and it would be good for her CV. don't you think?

[i'm not having to push very hard.]


suzanne's press, TAXT, looks to be damn near ready to exist in blogland and as soon as she gives me the word i will add her link. we get a lot of googlin' for that, which is really great.

i still don't have a copy of david buuck's chapbook just released... [hint hint]. i've heard it is AMAZING. and i bet it is.

next up is maggie, i think.

if she ever stops thinking about bruce springsteen tickets and sends her copy to suzanne. [another hint.]


i'm currently not having any deep thoughts about Flarf.

i know.

there is this unfinished feeling. at least here. in this blog. and i know maggie is eventually going to respond to mike magee's last comment to her. and i also think it is her response to give.

and also... i was just reading all the flarf / thier guys... all kinds of comments over at limetree and wanted to let Gary know that so far the comment writers here that were also in attendance at magee's reading were : maggie, myself, michael nicoloff, and it was, of course, held at david buuck's house. and he was home.



i think that it is a really good idea for Brandon, Alli, Maggie and myself to form a bluegrass gospel band.


i do.

don't you?


aside from radical evolution i'm still reading the collected poems of ted berrigan and the battlefield of where the moon says i love you by frank stanford.

i'm having a bit of a hard time with frank stanford's because i don't ever find myself with a huge chunk of time [not these days] in which i can sit and really read this massive poem for a long time. every time i close the book i find myself returning to page one when i return to it.

has anybody else had this experience?

how did you do it?

i guess i'm imagining the impossible...reading it straight through.

i'm so optimistic.

this is not a post.

maggie and i have been drinking champagne and not posting.

although, she did just tell me to let you all know...

in case you didn't

that we are lesbians.

i don't know why. exactly. she thought i should tell you this.


i've started reading this book . and i am a little frightened of technology right now.

actually. i'm a little frightened of what human beings will decide to do with technology now. or soon.


maggie got me a banjo for my birthday and it is beautiful.