Monday, September 18, 2006

did i ever complain about not having enough to read?

the books sitting on my desk right now:

Tràma : Kim Rosenfield

The Metamorphoses : Ovid

A Season in Hell and the Drunken Boat: Rimbaud

Duino Elegies and the Sonnets to Orpheus: Rilke

Aristotle's Poetics

The Visible and the Invisible: Merleau-Ponty

Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness: Hegel

The Phenomenology Reader: eds Moran & Mooney

Collected Poems: Mallarmé

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness : Brandon Brown

DeathStar/Rico-chet: Judith Goldman

Non-Adhesive Binding : Books without Paste or Glue : Smith

The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan


Books that were on my desk but Maggie swiped from me and put on her night stand next to our bed:

Selected Amazon Reviews : Kevin Killian

Burrow by Lauren Shufran

Cabinet Issue 21


Books that I ordered and are coming soon:

908-1078: Brandon Brown : get it here

the 2006 subscription from: Palm Press


and i'm still trying to get through fucking plato.



chatter now:

i had a dream last night in which i discovered that Lattimore actually translated EVERYONE and i was secretly heterosexual and in love with him because i only ever read HIM. every book said:

LATTIMORE'S... and then the title.

except for Kevin Killian's books.

and this may be because:

i fell asleep much earlier than maggie did last night because our upstairs neighbor had a party with a dj and hundreds of hipsters that lasted until 3:30 in the morning and i was totally annoyed because it seemed like there was a constant stream of conversations in which one of the smokers outside our bedroom window was always a Gemini and, like, that was so cool and they all rode Vespas [but maybe i inserted that for some reason]... so this was the night before last night, and thus... i fell asleep earlier than Maggie [who could sleep through the party which made me angry for some reason]...

and so... maggie was up reading Kevin's new book from Hooke Press [which everyone should have because of what i am about to tell you and also because Brent and Neil are doing an AMAZING job with these gorgeous books].... and i was fast asleep and maggie starts laughing convulsively and uncontrollably and wakes me up only... not completely... and she is in hysterics... and i am exhausted... so i start whining at her to stop it and she, of course, CAN'T... and i, not-awake, do not understand... so i start smacking her arm and whining louder which only makes it funnier for her. and me more confused.

that's all.

and she woke up this morning and read some of the reviews to me and we both fell into hysterics.

SO. there.


my doctor says i have a "normal" heart. FYI.


that's all i got right now. it is my only day off this week. been fighting the flu for two weeks. only made it to one event this past weekend [the PLAY]. i wanted to go everywhere, though. i swear.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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