Thursday, May 31, 2007


SAT., JUN. 2 @ 8:00 PM

& then, if you have time... there is also this:

the poetry center
and Café Royale
a celebratory send-off reading

kathryn l. pringle and
Magdalena Zurawski

Tuesday June 5, 2007
6:00 pm sharp @ Café Royale
800 Post (at Leavenworth), free

* In a few weeks, Minor Americans and local heroes kathryn l. pringle and Magadalena Zurawski are packing up their MINERAL green Toyota Corolla and heading south. Soon Durham, North Carolina will be all the richer, and those of us holding down the fort in the Bay Area will have to find them on their Minor American blog.

Magdalena Zurawski adopted the title "Minor American Poet" in the late 90s after coming across a reference listing Frank O'Hara as a minor American poet. She started a blog bearing that imprint in 2004, and in 2005, was joined by kathryn l. pringle.

kathryn l. pringle is a graduate of the MFA program at SFSU. Her chapbook Temper and Felicity Are Lovers was published by TAXT. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Fourteen Hills, 42opus, Alice Blue, Denver Quarterly, Dusie, Em Literary Asylum, foursquare, sidebrow, small town, and others. She is co-editor, along with Elise Ficarra & Magdalena Zurawski, of the brand new print journal minor/american.

Magdalena Zurawski's novel The Bruise was recently awarded the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize, sponsored by FC2. FC2 will publish the novel in the fall of 2008.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007



what do you think?

baseball fans, take note.

the only fun i've had since Thursday night...because i'm STILL sick...

was when we ventured out for a couple hours with Lee Ann Brown & her daughter, Miranda Reality Torn.

both ladies make excellent company.

we hope to spend lots of time with them both in North Carolina this summer. which... reminds me...


Saturday, May 26, 2007

i am sick

today is my birthday, 35, & the kids at work got me a bad cold to celebrate with.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

heron's landing

"a point is that which has no part" euclid

countdown... & let the send-offs begin...

we leave in less than 5 weeks.


we are reading together! find the info HERE!

we do hope to see you all there.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007


we [minor americans & one jocelyn], with dogs in tow, went to Chrissy Field.

it was beautiful, but winter.

still. to walk out of work & into this...

i might miss that when we are gone.

the dogs are thinking dogs:

we ditto

what Conrad says.... go here for something beautiful.


we also suggest donating a few dollars to the Itinerant Poetry Librarian . maggie thinks i have a crush on her. i'm actually quite scared of her [she patted me on the back at a Giants game & almost knocked me out of my seat], but i admire what she does. her non-librarian side, named Sara, is quite pleasant & probably wouldn't kick you out of the library.

i think they both tape record everything. mind yr words.

Percy wants to be an Urban Cowboy:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

o my gosh!

i just came home to the BEST MAIL in forever....

Apogee sent me Valerie Coulton'snew collection of poetry, THE CELLAR DREAMER!!! [so new that i can't find it on the apogee website yet... but maybe that's me just getting home from work and being tired-excited.]

do you know Valerie Coulton?

i do. i mean... she was in a class with me at state & i *LOVE* Valerie. her work & her. she's a phenomenal poet that uses space in a way that makes me feel that ... yes, absolutely.... feeling... that feeling i get when i read Anne-Marie Albiach... that deeply satisfying poetry feeling.

anyway. i am very excited to get this book & read it. YAY!

i also got another rejection letter.

see. i'm thinking... fine. last year... last year i got more acceptance letters than rejection letters & this just seems to be my year for rejections. fine. it's fine. really. REALLY. great.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

6 weeks left.

& then we are off.

it is a daunting task, moving across the country... & now we have two dogs! Percy got a little brother named George Dino. George Dino is a prancing Keeshond mix that thinks Percy is the best Alpha dog ever.


& yes, The Bruise is finally getting published! Maggie says things like "i have to talk to my Editor now... you'll have to wait" which is really.... funny & annoying... & she admitted it herself last night.


me. i'm going to give up writing & raise dogs & make maggie lunch for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News from Rabbit Light Movies...

Episode #3 (always swim at night) is complete.

It is a 35 minute tour film of
Zachary Schomburg
Mathias Svalina
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
and appearances by
Nathan Bartel &
Julie Doxsee
in the middle west

I didn't get a copy of Episode 1 because I was late on the draw... but... Episode 2 was gorgeous... so I think ya'll should consider snagging yr own copies by pestering Joshua Marie Wilkinson...


we move in 7 weeks.


time is moving along.

percy is doing really well on his meds. he might get a little brother... we'll let you know.

i've gotten 6 rejection letters in the past 4 weeks. the nice kind w/ written little notes, mostly... & then the usual from a couple.


Monday, May 07, 2007

who here has read Dean Koontz?

should i?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

well now....

Conrad broke the story so I won't feel so bad saying....


see conrad's post for details by clicking above....

or just rellish in the knowledge that literature still gets published!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

State of the Perceval!

Yeah, Percy has been a source for a little concern, but he's really no different than he was before we took him to the vet. We knew he had a heart problem and so we've been saving up all the money to do the tests. Our holistic vet told us if we got all the scans done, then the vets would know which valves were damaged and give us the appropriate medication. What's cool is that our holistic vet works together with Percy's heart doctor. The heart vet is a riot -- a gay man who thinks that all males -- including humans -- should be castrated. The first time we saw him he gave Percy a treat and then ate one himself. I was surprised. I thought I hadn't seen things right and said "Did you just eat a dog treat?" And he said "Oh yeah. I like a little
cookie too every now and then." Right now Percy is on Chinese herbs for his heart, as well as a diaretic, which, actually, I think is very good, if not the best thing for him. His heart was leaking liquid into his lungs and he developed this awful cough from it. But the diaretic cleans that sop up, so he's not exhausted from coughing all night. It was really quite bad before all the medicines. And then he's on another medicine to make his heart work a little better. What the doctor said though, that with those two drugs dogs in Percy's state usually live 6-12 months, but given Percy's generally good "Chi" (that's what he called it), and the fact that there is another drug that is fairly new and safe, he most likely will live longer. He said that as a doctor he only had statistics to say 6-12 months, but that as a person he thought he would live longer, mostly because of his
spirit and also because we were doing alternative medicines and there was also that second drug for when things got more serious.

We talked to the dog communicator today. A nice lady in MA who called and spoke telepathically with Perceval. We wanted her to ask him how he was feeling. He said his mouth was bothering him a little bit (he's got rotten old man teeth) and his butt was bothering him, but that he wasn't aware of anything with his heart. (He still has a ton of energy and the doctor couldn't believe how much Percy exercised.) We asked him if he could stop trying to bite his doctors because they were
trying to help him and last time he scared his heart doctor so badly that the man's hands shook. Percy replied, "He SHOULD be scared. I AM going to bite him."

Percy also asked us if we were "pleased" with him. He said he knew we "loved" him, but he wanted to know if we were "pleased" with him. Of course, we said yes. The communicator then said she hoped that we didn't want to ask him to change any of his behavior too much, because, although he was polite, he didn't want to change any of this ways.

He's on this new homemade dog food for cardiac patients which he absolutely loves. I've never seen him eat with such pleasure. And when he started talking to us today the first thing he told the communicator was that he really loved his food and all his beds. She said that he was very happy that he had so many beds around the house. The communicator told us that he was very interested in luxurious living. That explains all the massages he demands. He also said that he didn't want to go to the groomers any more and that if he had to go, could we get his hair cut very short each time so he didn't need to go so often. But he preferred the groomers to the baths I gave him. Oh and he said that he used to be very fat and that he didn't want to be fat again, but that he would like a little extra food since it was so good. That was the last thing he wanted to tell us.

He is just the way we imagined him.

the animal communicator

we spoke to Percy aka Mr Poods this morning via an animal communicator. [yes. we did. we are very California.]

we were right. he's a very funny little man.

when we asked for him to please stop trying to bite his doctors because he was scaring them his response was:



that's our boy!


we move to Durham, NC in 8 weeks.



we shall have going away parties & on the way parties & arrival parties.

& then we shall get to work.