Thursday, September 28, 2006


maggie & i go to AWP for two or three reasons:

1. to wake up in a different city & hang out with almost everyone + in person.

2. so we can buy restaurant guides & visit a city we probably wouldn't otherwise visit.

3. to CHILL w/ prageeta.

we think these are good reasons for you to go, too.

some people only go because they are on a panel or something, but really... there is nothing like a credit card vacation & the freedom to not go to panels if you so choose. & you could run into yr very first writing teacher ever, like i did, charles hood. which is always a pleasure. or yr second. like gillian conoley. OR, even yr first writing teacher's husband, like Forrest Gander.

some people we didn't run into in vancouver [we missed austin for some reason... o, yeah... money]... but would like to run into in atlanta:

1. elise ficarra
2. suzanne stein
3. brandon brown
4. michael nicoloff
5 pamela lu
6. julie reid
7.sarah vap [the winner of, like, EVERY poetry award for 2006...]
8. jack spicer
9. robert duncan
10. judith goldman
11. jocelyn saidenberg
12. maurice blanchot
13. logan ryan smith
14. john sakkis
16. stephanie young
17. everyone who blogs...

o... it is really too long of a list.

so, please. let's all go have cocktails & sleep in the same hotels & eat in the same restaurants & smoke each other's cigarettes in atlanta.



suzanne said...

when and where do i need to be using my credit card? can i sleep on your floor?

ps i quit smoking

minor american ii said...

aha! atlanta. feb 28- mar 3 [i think]. you can sleep on our floor. and you don't have to smoke. but... will you help us get a LOT of people to go? like... brandon & alli, for one. or.... two.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

yea! i made the list. i'm very pleased.

i still don't really understand this whole AWP thing. but, okay.

K. Silem Mohammad said...

Anne and I will be there! And we second the Brandon & Alli request.

John Sakkis said...

this all sounds very good. i haven't quit smoking yet. this could be a lot of fun huh? maybe i'll stuff brandon and alli in duffle bags (with room to breath) and head out to hotlanta.

Minor American said...

I don't smoke, ever had, but I sure do like a good meal. And I'm good at finding a good meal for everyone. This has always been my "job" on vacation. You guys find me a publisher and I will find you an exquisite Latin Fusion meal in Vancouver, or the best Southern meal in Atlanta. Deal? And the book fair is the real reason to go. So many small presses are there. Simply put, Logan, the AWP is like the MLA for Creative Writing academics. You can go to "great" seminars like "How to FInd an Agent." Or skip out and hangout with the SOFTSKULL people. My mother tagged along with my father to an Engineering Conference in Atlanta and she said it was beautiful.

minor american ii said...

you know... the point is NOT the smoking of cigarettes but the gathering of WRITERS & the eating of FOOD.

i'm very excited to see KSM again, and to meet Anne Boyer LIVE & in person.

& let's get alli & brandon there. we have plenty of time. don't we?

Alli Warren said...

y'all gonna make me WEEP at WORK

minor american ii said...

aw, alli! don't weep.

but, you MUST go...

i mean... Outkast will there. [won't they?]

minor american ii said...

i meant for "be" to BE in there.

Minor American said...

Here is the first restaurant. With live blues, BRANDON!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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