Monday, September 18, 2006

My Most Passionate Writing To Date:

September 16, 2006

AT&T Residence Service
POB 9039
South San Francisco, CA 94083

RE: Customer Account 415 547 4

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing because recently you added a long distance plan to my service without my consent. An announcement came in the mail thanking me for joining a plan I never signed up for, and then suddenly there was a $2.00 plus tax long distance plan added to my bill. Please cancel this service immediately and remove all related charges.

This behavior on your part is not new. Last year, when you were still SBC Global, you charged me about $400 for roughly a 60 minute phone call to Romania. I made the call because a relative was traveling and there was an emergency situation I needed to help with. I couldn’t pay the amount in one payment, so SBC cancelled my long distance service. Even though I was making large payments each month, SBC then cancelled my internet service, though the unpaid amount had nothing to do with web service. This happened at a time when I was applying to graduate school and the action jeopardized the process for me. When I called to complain, a sickly sweet representative, instead of offering an explanation for why the company thinks it can charge over $4.00 a minute for a phone call to Romania, recommended that next time I go to the corner store and by a phone card that only charges me $.05 a minute for such a call.

I moved last spring into a house where there was already AT&T internet service. I spoke to an AT&T representative and she explained to me that I could keep my current email address only by signing up for dial-up, even though I accessed the web through the home DSL connection. I agreed to do this, since it was important for me to keep my email address. At the same time, AT&T came to install a landline for me. The line did not work, but I was being charged for the service. I did not pay it until someone came to repair the connection. By this time, without warning, AT&T cancelled my email account because my phone bill was outstanding. What AT&T failed to recognize was that I had not paid the bill because the company had not installed the line properly. If you check your records, you will see that the repairman did not charge me for the visit because the lack of service was not my fault.

For all the reasons above, I wish to cancel my landline service with AT&T. I no longer wish to have a relationship with a company who aggressively and unfairly punishes its customers. Please make sure my account is cancelled upon receipt of this letter.

Perhaps AT&T should change some of its policies, since home phone service is a luxury in the age of cell phones, not a necessity.

I hope to never do business with you again.


Magdalena Zurawski


Logan Ryan Smith said...

here here!

um, don't tell AT&T i said that.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

or is it:

hear hear!

don't tell them i said that, either.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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