Wednesday, September 06, 2006


when i was 12 these three songs were my favorites. i recently rediscovered my pre-teen musical obsession and have become re-obsessed.

and also convinced that

1/ i was a damn cool 12 year old [i did listen to gang of four, you know]

2/ my parents had no idea what i was doing ever. at any point. because these lyrics are very adult and i am just realizing this now.

never trust a man with egg on his face

beat my guest

whip in my valise

you will have to have iTunes to dload them. and it is SAFE, don't worry. you can always throw them away if you hate them.

enjoy. i still do.

[THANK YOU EB for help posting MUSIC... you are... RAD]


eb said...

hmm. not bad. a little dated-sounding now. but I bet you *were* a cool 12-year-old if this was your playlist.

he's no MCC.

but MCC was never la femme nikita.

so you win.

eb said...

I swear. this thing hates me and my linktastic comments.

the link should have been the word "on."


minor american ii said...

that's funny!

i think he makes a great
femme though.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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