Saturday, November 17, 2007


folks. it really sucks when yr best dog friend dies.

i was going to give up blogging forever. what's to blog if the star of the show has died? percy really was the best of us. but, i'm self-indulgent and am fueled by this constant need to communicate. so. here i am.


we leave soon for thanksgiving in NY/NJ.

in the mail i've received:

the new foursquare [which is, as usual, gorgeous.]

Snow Sensitive Skin by taylor brady & rob halpern. i have to say this is a dream come true, having these two write a book together. and it is gorgeous. i keep opening it, reading a little, and closing it because i'm just overwhelmed and i'm not ready for it yet.

i got dorothea lasky's AWE and Cate Marvin's Fragment of the Head of a Queen.

we aren't doing a whole lot lately. we're too halfed. trying to write today.

i don't know about this blogging business anymore. i think this will be it for some time now. too much going on. and also, a need for a little more privacy....

see you in a few months.

happy holidays and not-holidays.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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CAConrad, who understands me very well and thus Percy, has written a very moving obituary for Percy at the Philly Sound blog. Thank you, Conrad!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

thank you.

everyone, thank you for yr thoughts. and thank you for the flowers and the cards and the freshly baked bread that has been accumulating on our porch. we've left a picture of percy there, too. we are going to leave the flowers and the picture out today because it feels nice to have that.

we are just laying in front of the tv... the three of us... cuddling and trying to rest.

thank you.

Percy Poodelicious!

Percy Poodelicious!
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kathryn l. pringle said...
dear suzanne,

i called you tonight because i wanted to / need to talk to someone. because percy died. he was just at the vet yesterday and looking great and everything was great and he played all day and had such a good time and then... his heart couldn't pump so well and he couldn't breathe and we rushed him to emergency and he was going to drown if we didn't euthanize him and all of this happened so quickly and so... suddenly... even though we knew he was in heart failure and that one day he would go and it would seem out of nowhere... and we are so sad and when we came home bear dog was having a tremendous panic attack with drool all over his chest and he was so sad, too... i think he knew what was happening and we didn't and had we know we would have taken bear with us so he could see for himself... but now i'm scared he'll look for percy all the time and i know we will look for him all the time, too...

we really loved him so much.

November 9, 2007 11:54 PM

Percy Poodle

We had to say goodbye to our best friend and the best dog ever tonight.

We are absolutely heartbroken and we are going to miss him forever.

Friday, November 09, 2007

i just want to say that i ran into an old friend from SF State this morning in my kitchen. meliza bañales .

yay meliza!

i didn't know she was touring with sister spit... i'm so glad she is and that we made her breakfast this morning.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

more on being white.

did i ever tell you that in jr high history class the teacher told me to stand up and one other girl and then said

"see class, they are an example of the Aryan Race. Hitler would have killed and or enslaved all the rest of you."

we were horrified.

and it didn't help us make friends at that school either.
i've been thinking a lot about my whiteness lately because of all the discussion around Numbers Trouble [spahr/young] and especially because of what i've been reading on barbara's blog..... barbara is someone that i've always had a lot of respect for as a poet and a thinker and i think what she's written here is really important for people to read.

i always feel uncomfortable when i think about my whiteness and how i came to be where i am. i'm so white i can't even claim any ethnic whiteness like maggie can, that's how white i am. i suppose if i go back to 1680 i can claim my Scottish and then could say something about the English and how we ran away from them, and why, ... but mostly i'm just really uncomfortable and have no idea what to say or what to do and so i don't say anything.

but maybe i just wanted to say that. that i'm uncomfortable and having feelings about the subject and that i don't know everything about what they are yet but, wow, i'm so glad some people are saying something.
sister spit is here.
no, really, they are here. or will be. tonight. and in our house, sleeping. i'm not sure how many sisters, nor which ones.

tonight they will be at BCHQ and then later, sleeping in our house.

Upcoming Shows/Events:
(all shows start @ 9pm. all ages. alcohol free. donations for bands.)

[If this is not very up to date, check webpage here.]
11/1 - 11/3 - TROIKA! check out for the full schedule
11/8, Thursday Sister Spit
11/9, Friday - Woman (TN), Noncanon (NC)
11/15, Thursday - Tin Can Tour - The Emotron, Andy the Doorbum
11/30, Friday - Gary B and the Notions, Hammer No More the Fingers
2/06, Wednesday 6:30pm - Our House Documentary Screening!


and remember that Saturday you are all supposed to be at our house.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

bug on my house

bug on my house
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what IS it.

i keep forgetting

to tell you that andrea edits Parcel and you can dload issue one and issue two, just out. they are really beautiful... she does an amazing job... and the work is most excellent as well....

Parcel two... [i ripped the rest of from the site]

Featuring poetry by Emily Anderson, Erin M. Bertram, Christophe Casamassima, Carol Ciavonne, Mark Cunningham, Carrie Hunter, Nicholas Manning, Kristi Maxwell, Srikanth Reddy, Eléna Rivera, Susan Scarlata, Brandon Shimoda, Eleni Sikelianos, and Laura Sims, reviews by Anne Heide and Jen Tynes and featured visual artists Matthew Gottschalk and Bin Ramke.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

domestic bliss 2

tuesday night
after kate's hd group left [aka whiskey group]
after maggie gets home from soccer
after poods puts on great granma's scarf
bear decides to sing.

Monday, November 05, 2007

TONY TOST! TONIGHT 12/13 @ 811 Wilkerson in Durham!


please join us in celebrating Tony's newest book tonight! we'll eat, drink, be merry if you remember to bring yr musical instruments this time, and listen to Tony read! YAY TONY! BYOB and we'll see you TONIGHT AT 8PM!

i had this really messed up dream the other night...

maggie was giving birth to our baby. [spare me the stupid comments stupid people will want to make now.] maggie was giving birth to our baby and i was delivering the baby and percy and bear were running around making things more chaotic [and much less sterile] than they should be and maggie was in our bed giving birth to our baby... and all of a sudden the baby just flies out and disappears and i'm like... whoa... and maggie is exhausted and gets up and walks around and i say, don't you think you should be in bed still? and the sheets are still white and crisp but folded and i'm looking all over for our baby because i want to meet our baby but she [what do you expect w/ 4 x's, eh?] is gone. and maggie's eating lunch! i say, baby, where's the baby? and she's like, what do you mean where's the baby? and i say, don't fuck with me honey this has been a totally insane experience... WHERE IS OUR BABY? and she's all groggy and she's not sure and she says...o... o... i think i gave her to the grocer! and i proceed to get really angry because she gave our baby away simply because she was tired. so we go to the grocery store and the grocer wants thousands of dollars for our baby.

and then i woke up totally pissed off.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

last night. today. tomorrow.

kate greenstreet and chris vitiello were fucking great last night.

just so you know. i think the new space was great, too. but kate and chris were extra great. chris performed a play using an action figure and animal figure toys and read some poetry... kate read in her usual show-stopping, breathtaking, o man i missed that when i was reading her book... way. i have some clips, or will have some clips later when i have time to go through them and upload... to share with you all.

all in all i have to tell you, especially you non-believers in the poetry climate of the Triangle Area [Durham Raleigh & Chapel Hill] that there is definitely what can only be described as super amazing poetry energy going on here and you should be trying to make us a stop on yr tours through this side of the US.

today i have to write a lot. and run and stuff.



tomorrow the Colts play the Patriots. THIS is a very big ass deal and i am already having a sort of Poets pre-Superbowl extravaganza here for it. chances are that if you are in town, have been to my house before, and love one of these teams... you will be more than welcome to come over and drink some beer, eat some chips and dip, and have some pizza. doors open at 4. the only rule is, though... that we actually WATCH THE GAME! so far we have a crowd split right down the middle: half for the COLTS [GO COLTS!!!] and half for the other team [BOO OTHER TEAM!].

i am very excited about this game folks. i'm especially excited to have company for it!

Friday, November 02, 2007


please join us next Friday 8 PM - 10PM
[we will start the reading soon after 8 AND THERE IS A BUZZER so try to be on time!]

204-208 Rigsbee [the Eleanor building]
right around the corner from Rue Cler


Kate Greenstreet is the author of case sensitive (Ahsahta Press, 2006)
and three chapbooks, Learning the Language (Etherdome Press, 2005),
Rushes (above/ground press, 2007), and This is why I hurt you
(Lame House Press,forthcoming). Statues, a Big Game Books tinyside,
was available briefly in 2006. Last March, Flash+Card published In Paradise
there is no art, a boxed set of 12 notecards (fragments of writing & art).


Chris Vitiello lives in Durham and is concerned with,among other things:
clarification, light, stars, the sky, clouds, wind, trees, birds, deduction,
eyes,leaves, people and their observable behaviors,grasses,the soil, flowers
and their growth,description and representation, vegetables, skins and peels,
seeds, nuts,cross-sections, dictionary definitions, synonyms and antonyms but
especially synonyms, utility, analysis,skepticism, kindness,goodness, quantity,
measurement, direct commands,questions, and fact statements.

His book comes out from Ahsahta in march and is called "irresponsibility."
His other book is "nouns swarm a
verb" on xurban in 1999.
conrad has posted an amazing
interview, gill ott interviewing jackson mac low.

the tiny tour , also thanks to conrad.

tonight tonight! greenstreet & vitiello! look to yr right!