Saturday, October 28, 2006


green festival in november

i'm gonna go to some of this... it looks really great. anybody care to join me?


also... happy late birthday alli!

i have Cousins, but i haven't been able to read it yet. i'm setting aside a special hour tonight just for me & Cousins.

also have some more chaps coming in the mail from Dusie.

[i'll add links later. have to go to work now.]

have a good day!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


GREEN poet based in NY for new project. be it, or want it.

please email me:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

... going green

is really damn hard.

have you taken yr ecological footprint quiz yet?

i scored 13 acres. the average american uses 24 acres. & then i tried to get my acreage even lower by only driving my car 10 miles a week, NEVER taking the bus/train, & walking or biking the rest of my miles...

& then only ever eating 100% upackaged foods...

it only brought me down to 9 acres!

[there is enough for everyone in the world to have 4 something acres, see]

do me a favor...

if anyone of you scores lower than 9 acres when you take this quiz... email me. tell me how to do it. until then... i will do my best to figure it out. & i've already started w/ my bike again.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

let's start here?

Join Vice President Gore / Support Clean Energy

Monday, October 23rd, noon
2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
(between Allston Way and Center Street,
across from Berkeley City Hall)
what are we going to do about GREENing this place?

& then there is stop TORTURE

& then there is this ask conrad for the letter

& we are voting soon.... [& the race for GOVERNOR here in CA has m & i considering a write in for Percy Poodle]

but, what are we going to do about GREENing this place? what can us POETS do? what are YOU doing? i want to know. maybe you can help me get motivated & not feel helpless & inactive. maybe get me off my COMFORTABLE ass & not just work my 9-5 [non-profit/ for children] job & feel like i've done all i can do....

because the truth is, i can do more. & i'm really not interested in the politics of TV. or chatrooms. or TOP 40, which is all it seems to be now w/ the DEMS & REPS.... fluff. [fluffing.]

& george hasn't responded to my letter yet. although for a few days we thought the CIA was reading our blog.

serious responses only.

thank you.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we are home.

& already while walking percy i had the opportunity to see two men pissing in the panhandle.

a far cry from rochester, MN [where it is probably too cold & panhandleless].

i just took a look at several blogs & comment boxes & i found it mostly depressing. [frustrating. offensive. etc.]

i think i'm going to take a long break from posting & write that novel some canadian is asking me for.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


i read aaron kunin's secret architecture [which is really really really great]

& brandon brown's Memoirs of My Nervous Illness [AGAIN.]

& started on lauren shufran's Burrow.

while i was getting a cut & color this was what i kept saying to myself

[inside my head, of course, so Lycia wouldn't think i was completely crazy] :

who is the hip-hop equivalent to david bowie? who?
is brandon brown the hip-hop equivalent to david bowie?

because i was thinking about how Memoirs can be read re: GENDER[bending].


that's all from me. we're off to minnesota on a late plane. see some of you thursday at rodney's reading....

have fun at joel's tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

one thing that cheers me up

my oakland A's will be playing my dad's minnesota Twins the whole time we are in Minnesota this weekend.

i love to bet & vote against my Father.
there is so much going on that we [i] do not know if i am capable of using language at this time.

we are disappointed in our government.

& we are especially angry re: the Foley situation. first he gets busted. then he's in a rehab clinic. & now he is gay? & now, suddenly, despite much study pointing to the contrary... gays are more likely to be pedophiles????


last i heard only 1% of the known pedophiles are actually GAY. & maybe Foley IS gay... but it seems to me that he is taking one for his Party... good ole boy to the end... & frankly... we don't want him, either.


we are leaving for minnesota late tomorrow night & return late monday night. my father is turning 80!

i wonder about the poetry scene in minnesota. anybody there? anybody know anybody there? i know that it is a small press haven...

sadly we will not be in the twin cities but in Rochester... famous for the Mayo Clinic.

& sadly we will miss joel at SPT this friday. [but you shouldn't.]

Monday, October 02, 2006

read this.

Treadwell calls Ron out .


a reading

in Carlisle, PA

at Dickinson College

last night / tonight

& not one

but TWO, yes, TWO...

hits on our blog from this very place!

WHO could it be?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

reaction to the NY times at 8pm Pacific [a draft]: for Judith Goldman

it was reported today that the mechanism of movement over ran
itself. flailing about with gnat edges.

‘we do not wish to pursue legal action’ of course
because WE hasn’t been violated [contemplated] for nearly
12 years [he is, after all, nearly 16 years old, and therefore old enough to know better than to take money for sex or sex for money or give any senator enough to eat because we all know they have eaten plenty: don’t we?]

the papers contacted Mr. Representative’s office & were forwarded to Mr. Representative, who then forwarded the call to the Head Office of Representation.

the Representatives of the house of Representation have yet to return the call

[or recall]

of the paper. what we do know is this: there will
not be any LEGAL action taken at this time.

[ there are other times /occurrences that rhyme with indecency such as flagrant abuse of power & SOMETH -ing a minor.

[ there are other times that he will speak of never in the future tense but only in the half-limp light of some damn orchestrated catastrophe.

[ there is not an answer for this.

WE all went gone before we knew where we were headed

all the typers of typewriters and keyers of keyboards are expecting some kind of ARREST at some point in time whether it be by hand or heart : or both : what is it that makes people people god said to the other god

and god said back: SENATOR, WE DO.