Monday, May 22, 2006

.... sidestepping....

maggie is on a plane home right now which makes me very happy! i'm sure she's looking forward to delving deeper into this conversation.

in the meantime i cut and pasted Anne Boyer's well-articulated response to Michael Nicoloff's response and Maggie's questioning in the post below. i am so pleased that this discussion is happening in the way that it is.

i, myself, have yet to articulate a response to these posts. i am still contemplating. and i am not as good at open questioning and investigation as my partner is... so i'm choosing to remain silent at this moment.

i have asked more folks to join our discussion.... and i hope they do.


i received in the mail lovely surprises from erica kaufman: two belladonna*[s] [rae armantrout and karen weiser] [YES!] and two erica jane kaufmans. i am really excited about this. and i think there needs to be more random free poetry mailings in the world. there has been a little bit of this with suzanne stein's TAXT press chapbooks... although the mailings couldn't exactly be considered random [though, i suppose, someone on the receiving end might think so]. actually, let me clarify... there has been [and will continue to be with her next chapbook which will be coming from David Buuck [and i can't wait to see it] a LOT of FREE poetry coming from suzanne's TAXT. just not exactly random. not exactly not random.

anyone who would like to send us, Minor Americans, free poetry in the snail mail email us and we will probably let you.
and anyone who would like for us to send you free poetry, especially beautiful free poetry like that from TAXT... email us and send us yr address.

i have a lot to read, now. and a day off to do it.

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Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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