Friday, May 26, 2006

aw, today



i'm 34.


as for this Flarf discussion:

yes... we Minor Americans were raised by our Mothers... which means we believe strongly in Polite Table Manners...

and this Blog is our Table.

so... we thank everyone for not allowing this blog to become Negative.

we, and i think i'm speaking for both maggie and i, have never had the intention of 'attacking Flarf.' and i believe that you all know that. and i believe that we never did that. and i thank michael magee for being ... well... receptive and understanding re: this sometimes uncomfortable discussion of his poem.

but discomfort is good.

and open honest questioning is good.

and anne boyer and michael nicoloff are ROCKSTARS, i believe, for being so willing to engage in this discussion and genuinely so.

and also ANON [i think i know who you are ANON!]

and Gary



maggie has more to say re: Flarf. i'll let her take over.

happy my birthday to everyone.
take the weekend off... monday, too.


K. Silem Mohammad said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! And thanks to you and Maggie for hosting this stimulating discussion over the past few days. I agree--I wish all potentially volatile poetic arguments were this civil and thoughtful.

Geraldine said...

happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

top scarfin'
did you mean what you say now
are you


Happy snarfy birthday

the 26th is an auspicious birthday in any month

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant flarfin' and flarfy. After realizing my mistake I looked up snarf just to see what I wrote but didn't mean. I wasn't happy awith any of the meanings even as accidents.

This is why I don't make comments and wouldn't admit to them if I did.

minor american ii said...

thank you [?]... anonymous Alameda [?] post-er?


Anonymous said...

I think you have me confused with some other anonymous. To avoid confusion I will mark future posts with a Z

Bryan Thao Worra said...

Happy Birthday, K!

And quite obviously,
many more!

May your mind remain bright
And life give you many things
Of which to write!

Or at least the wisdom to beware
the things with an awful bite.



Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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