Wednesday, May 03, 2006

. Rathause .

we minor americans took a break from unpacking our library yesterday to march in the sun with several thousand other minor americans. we were running late, yes, and we marched a short ways. it was nice to see so much of the mission closed down and to see so many people exercising their civic duties [or not.] we met E [who was not at all late] and then we were joined by Mr. I am yer *hotpants* grammar nicoloff later on. it was really lovely and we missed you all. we were wondering where you were... and what you think... about the immigration bill and the march. if you were spending money or not. if you found other ways to express yrselves. what you think of this bill. if you are thinking of it. we are both thinking of it... one of us being the daughter of immigrants and the other actually being from people who were here before the United States was formed. [although taking shape.]

fill us in, please.

for example... we aren't so impressed with the whole FELON[y] thing. nor are we thrilled with the PRISON thing.

how about the rest of you?


Anonymous said...

hello my lovely minor americans--thanks for posting to this. it was really great to see you on the lawn that day. i just posted by two cents on my f-ster blog.

(i know i know, real blog coming soon)


Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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