Monday, May 08, 2006

. Freundschaften .

wow, check out reader number 3 that we loved already but now love in a different way. we read this after our springsteen concert ticket fiasco of a ticketmaster onsale... [we got seats but NOT the seats that my fellow minor american and in all other ways partner wanted.] needless to say we were much cheered and also extremely redfaced upon reading it. [grateful].

thank you!


i've started reading "on being blue" by william gass and have fallen into an unexpected love with the momentum of the piece as well as the font/paper of the piece.

we are still waiting for OUR copy of DEVIANT PROPULSION.

we are still living amongst many boxes.


i am still trying to finish my MFA thesis. due may 19th. it is called vivarium: some brief notes on the technical. i think it might become some brief notes on the technical when it is a book and not a thesis.


we will be mailing copies of my chapbook temper and felicity are lovers and suzanne stein's chapbook tout va bien [everything's fine] this week. they are free. if anyone out there would like to be added to this mailing this [we have about 10 copies left!]... please email me at :

suzanne has done a beautiful job making these chapbooks, mine being the first out on her new TAXT press. she's an amazing curator and writer... not to mention human being... and she is putting out a series of chapbooks, all at her OWN expense, and for the LOVE of the work.


i think that's all from me. for now. i have one more installment of the table series and then we'll be on to another adventure.

please tell us what you think about the immigration bill! come on WRITERS! thanks to Elise Ficarra for responding... you can check out her blog at: BLIND CINEMA.


eb said...



anyway. too much "born in the USA" on the radio when I was younger has turned me against that man.

but his sister is terrific. Pamela Springsteen is a photographer now who has done a lot of really lovely album covers: my beloved MCC, Rosanne Cash, Kim Richey, et al.

back in the 80s she also starred as the MTF heroine/serial killer Angela Baker in two Sleepaway Camp sequels (though not the original). she also made some dumb teen sex comedies, but the SC films she's in are rather interesting in terms of their skewed take on gender and morality--which is something you don't see often in that particular genre.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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