Monday, March 03, 2008

dear blog.

in some ways i pity you. you seem so empty now without me. as if you had no prior identity. no true sense of self. even so. you shouldn't have torn up all my books while i was in baltimore. that was really uncalled for. the pants i don't mind. they're too big for me now anyway. but... my books? what were you thinking? you are such an asshole blog. our therapist said you might "act out" like this. 

yr so fucking predictable. 

and typical, really, it is so OBVIOUS why you, BLOG, would tear up my books... jealous of other pages getting my attention. what an asshole.

i want you to know i had such a good time without you this weekend. and the fact that you sabotaged my cameras...... did nothing to dampen my mood. pictures were still taken. films were still made. all without you.



Ken Rumble said...

Dear Kate's Blog,

I wish I could say that this weekend would have been better if you'd been there, I wish I could give you hope for a future with Kate, but really it was just totally awesome and Kate looked like a big old weight (not to point fingers) had been lifted off her shoulders. I wouldn't say we toasted to you not being there exactly, but "thank god we left the blog at home" might've been said.

Optimism is a river in Egypt.


Ryan W. said...

how come your blog never gets to respond to these missives? I want to hear your blog's side of the story. maybe you need to learn to listen for once, kate.

rozydesouza said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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