Wednesday, March 05, 2008


a while back we had a sestina writing contest at work //we wrote them off-the-clock boss// and chris vitielloposted his on his blog and i didn't post mine because, well, because his is so damn good and writing in the wake of chris vitiello is like touring at the same time as Nirvana [some of you know what i mean]... but now i'm going to post it just because i had fun and i kind of like it // we were supposed to write really bad ones but mine isn't too bad. so here you go.

garbage boomed on ( a cross ( all dilated almos’ twice sunken city
resemble on the wall she say:
itiz da URINISKI, a downy co-llect
where dj equals pirate equals protagonist equals a little scranton-agile
dusted an’ smooth going down, jest like deys told so, possible
but isn’t so much the orifice of the nose that is nether-bloom, nor bud
but that language is a one-room efficiency

suite. o, so sweet an’ all efficiency.
not so loud, how a tree plant itself there. there, there, o , city
crackin’ it at dawn, blessed be thy chains, thy bicycle, and thy bud.
we isn’t goan ta’ pretend no more that is a collection
of all the little things we could a been, Moses, even, possibly
or that wild animal theater attendant, all ‘ceptional an’ agile

smiling no matter what reptile is shredding at yer pants, you ack all agile
then, don’t ya? or else you is stuck in the absolute INefficiency
of yer own damn SELF. possibly, or no possibly
this city
is gonna collect
taxes from yer poor, budding

ass, bud.
one night i hadta walk ‘long the damn telephone line, all agile
an’ shit jest to collect
my money from da’ tenants who is not-so-efficiency
paying me my rent. holla’ dat you city
dwellin’ possibles

first you gots to get fluent. ‘til then it be p to the izzo (possible)
jest like la chupucabra an’ church, lady-bud
you think this is the small time but i tells you, this here is CITYcity
and you jest have to scrum and agile
one up. no, thank you sir, might i have another INefficiency
the US is guardin’ dem collectors.

poor is poor, but one day you might have yr dream : a cul-de-sac, a small collection
of swimming pool possibilities
a righteous appetite and a disaffected one-hit wonder. efficiently
lassoing – hey, what version of lasso do you use, bud?
you is just an anvilparachute portrayin’ all agility
like this is what city is when you knows it all CITYcity

hey, tho. anx, but call collect, next time that lady-bud
you been budding for, possibly? she be all Beowulf on yo’ agile
.(yet delectable) efficiency. remember it when yo’ broke: this here is CITYcity

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