Monday, March 24, 2008

i was

going to tell you all about my blood last week while it was still fresh
in my mind, but then i saw that my beloved magdalena had actually posted
something [and it was much more interesting than my blood] so i didn't.

but now that i have a green bruise and three needle marks on my right arm i
am reminded that i want to tell you about how i got them

so, i walk into the INJECTION ROOM and i'm thinking, WHAT? and also, wow, i still think of the breakfast club when i hear/see the word INJECTION [i'm old?] and i'm like... aren't i just suppose to drink the contrast? but, no, i get to drink it and get injected with it [and i did say "i've been injected with contrast" all day after that]...

so the guy is getting my veins IV-ready and i'm waiting and he says "you have trouble with needles?" and i say, all tough, "nah, that tattoo took 18 hours. i'm fine with needles." and he's like, "okay."so he goes in the wrong vein and makes some joke about my veins not being very generous and i say something about that being bullshit because i bleed quite well and so he goes in another vein and it works and he is putting the catheter in for the IV and i'm not looking because needles are fine but catheters freak me out.

and then i hear HIM scream...

look down

and my blood is spraying out all over the him.

and. after i am done squirting blood all over the room and him,

that's when i notice he's not even wearing those latex gloves that he's fucking supposed to be wearing.

so i say, "DUDE. aren't you worried that my blood just sprayed all over you?"

and then, yeah, he doesn't have an excuse so it doesn't matter what he says next.

but, damn.

i was so distracted and worried about reacting to the contrast that i completely failed to notice the lack of latex.

that's my story.

anyway. my spleen is fine. i just really wrenched a muscle and am not going to be able to run in that race on the 3/29... and i haven't been able to run for two weeks... which is quite depressing.

i'm writing a lot.

a lot a lot.

what are you doing?


carrie hunter said...

that is so gross, i would have just fainted.

eden said...

oh kate, the thing is, i am having an affectionate response to the story which is probably not the intended effect -- but i just can't help but imagine the tone of polite yet firm incredulity in which you must have voiced, "DUDE. aren't you worried that my blood just sprayed all over you?" i really can picture you saying that!

kathryn l. pringle said...

carrie: it was fascinating. really.

eden: i am not at all surprised by this response you are having. you really love stories with blood. i'm surprised you didn't laugh. hehe.

Alli Warren said...

we miss you both out here! it's shitty outside and it's friday. and we miss you.

kathryn l. pringle said...

o dear! we miss you [two] as well.... it seems that it is now shitty outside here... when it wasn't [it has been in the upper-70s and gorgeous]... hmn.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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