Monday, July 17, 2006

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

a quick post before i take maggie and the poods to lake tahoe for actual water, actual sun, actual heat... and actually maggie's 34th birthday.

[buuck's house this friday at 7 people!]

1. suzanne stein was so great last night! her reading and her work [her reading of her work] was/is hypnotic, harmonizing... and enlightening. it was hot. she is hot. and i love her dearly. so there.

2. logan ryan smith handed me a copy of larry kearney's passion last night. which is really great because i was too shy to ask him for a copy and also i have something to read while i'm in actual sun and heat today.

3. i haven't mentioned how fucking intense, insightful and haunting dodie bellamy's talk at New Langton was last week, have i? i could have listened to dodie read for at least another two hours. provided we could have 5 minute absorption breaks. and also... kathy acker really scared the shit out of me with that whole wire falling down in the shape of a noose thing. i had to get out of the building as soon as dodie was done reading i was so scared.

4. david brazil: i need yr email address so i can use you for literary support as i make another pass at Ulysses. thank you.

5. i just ordered the remastered version of Dirk Wears White Sox by Adam and the Ants. and just so you know... this is one of the best albums ever. okay? don't even argue with me.

we're off on vacation now! i wish we could all go to tahoe this week and bbq and drink Sangria in the sun talking about poetry. hey... we should plan a trip together!

see you friday.


Alli Warren said...

how's the FOOT?

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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