Monday, July 31, 2006

hello everyone.

hey, so... you should all check this out : litopolis.

i'm in it, but also, it is really awesome and has:

Nona Caspers

Jimmy Chen

Susanna Kittredge

Kristine Leja

L.J. Moore

Daniel Pendergrass

Len Shneyder

Jason Snyder

Anna Joy Springer

a really great view of the city.


i'm fighting off a potential illness. feeling aches and i'm easily tuckered out. i hate being sick on my day off. you know? i'd much rather be sick on company time.


i've started reading Mark Z. Danielewski's HOUSE OF LEAVES again. okay, so i love horror. i love horror films. i love forensic files. i love cold case files. i am fascinated by the darker side of humanity. what makes people so crazy. and so i'm reading this book again because i found it satisfying and also unsatisfying the first time.

i was and am completely willing to invest my time in this book of fiction because it is damn long, has shifting narratives and form... and is about human relationships and a house that grows on the inside. the family goes on vacation and comes home to find a door where there never was a door before and a small room behind the door where there never was one before... and how horrifying is that? only it happens all the time... just not so obviously... you walk out of yr door and have yr own relationship to the world and yr door and something happens and everything changes.... etc...

but to come home and find the basic structure of yr house altered.

that is terrifying. it would make me shiver.

so. i'm reading that and thinking again about space / architecture / and mental illness.


i missed stefani barber's going away party because of this stupid almost-cold. i'm sad. was it great?

i will miss you stefani!


that foot is much better. it is walking all over town now and working hard. it is still not the prettiest foot in the world but that's okay since it is attached to the prettiest face in the world.

that's all for now.

somebody send me some free poetry!


Katherine Gray said...

hi, there. i knew stefani in college at mills and found this in a google search. would you mind passing my email address on to her? i'd love to get in touch with her. it's thanks in advance!

csperez said...

hello. i am writing a paper on the "glittering guys" discussion and just wanted to ask you a few quick questions that has nothing to do with flarf, i promise...thanks!

jspirit_00 at hotmail dot com


Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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