Friday, July 07, 2006


dear friends

i am having a food crisis which is really a land crisis.

our nation has been built on corn. and our corn has been given energy to grow abundantly [and STRAIGHT] not from the SUN but from OIL.

and we have made our Cows learn how to tolerate CORN so they can be fed cheaply and get fat quickly... only we have to also give them antibiotics so they don't get sick and die from the havoc CORN wreaks on their poor bodies.

it takes 50 gallons of OIL to grow one acre of corn.

does Ford know this? they are advertising for their ethanol [corn] fueled cars and how they will lessen our dependence on foreign oil. perhaps. i'm not sure if that will really do it.

have i mentioned that, like the corn problem farmers have [it costs way more to grow it than it can sell for].... now there is a dairy problem in vermont? because milk prices have dropped. and it costs more to make milk {because of all the oil it takes to make milk: grow the corn, get the corn [diesel!], give the corn....


anyway. this concerns me.

organic farmers are doing much better.

they don't have to spend all that money on oil.



amy said...

Amen. It's insane. And everything we eat, well, a lot, contains corn syrup and corn starch and whatever other ways they can fit "corn" into a food product. We are corned out.

kdvorak said...

and with so much corn growth for cows (and other livestock), ever wonder where all that livestock waste goes?

for years, the EPA has been saying that the livestock biz has been the leading industrial cause of water pollution in this country.

just ask anyone who lives along the potomac river and what happened to the fish there several years back. all of a sudden, fishermen began finding fish with open sores on them--holes through their skin. after extensive research they determined the cause was a series of livestock farms and the runoff from those farms-- from manure, to pesticides, to straight up feces.

so equate: water + oil + land = corn; corn + cows = meat; cows --> waste; waste = pollutants; pollutants enter water --> sick fish; which really sux cause fish don't have health insurance.

eb said...

on the subject of Corn, I do not, under any circumstances, recommend .

poet CAConrad said...

INDEED! We really need to bring the margins in, and as quickly as possibly. Meat consumption, dairy consumption, these things are destroying the planet's air, water, soil.

A vegetarian, organic, LOCAL diet would curb so many problems. Our energy and pollution problems would be cut back to a third so quickly it would SHOCK US!

Thank you Kate for sharing,
vegetarian SIN eater

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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