Tuesday, July 11, 2006


dear friends,

i don't know that vegetarianism is the answer for everyone.
especially me.

i was a vegetarian for 10 years. when i see all the gluten i was eating as a vegetarian... my addiction to gluten... and how... knowing now i have celiac disease... i see i was poisoning myself... and i was an extremely unhealthy vegetarian. although i thought i was healthy.

i think it is great for others who can do it.

and i think now... what would i eat as a vegetarian with celiac disease? i would like to hear from you veggie ceiacs.

how to avoid eating corn [and i don't mean organic corn on the cob... or even corn tortillas... i mean the nasty corn that is used in everything else... including medicines. the corn that is feeding the food i'm eating.]... but how to avoid eating corn, gluten, and meat.

i eat eggs daily.

i couldn't go vegan again. i won't. i weighed 118 lbs and also. yeah. sickly.

i think the only answer is to eat free range, organic meats.

niman ranch doesn't count for me. found out they feed their steers grains the last few months that they live. a last minute fattening up? i don't know.


i mean... this corn business has literally shaped this nation. it has shaped the land for itself. and it is shaping americans. physically.

we are a nation addicted to and dependent upon corn.

and so ... when i say i'm afraid of corn. i am.

corn needs us as much as we need it.

THAT is crazy. and scary.


seriously. we stopped growing other foods and raising animals on farms because of corn. and what we can do with corn.


in corn we trust.



Freeranger said...

Hope the eggs you eat are free range! We are trying to get a better definition of the term 'free range' because many of the eggs so labelled are from hens who are de-beaked and who seldom (if ever) actually get out to eat grass, worms, spiders etc.
We have a consumer survey on our Blog at http://freerangereggs.blogspot.com

minor american ii said...

hi freeranger

yes... i only eat organic AND free range eggs. and also... not just the eggs.

i'll check out yr survey and blog!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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