Monday, March 09, 2009


MARCH 6th, 2009, Lawrence, Kansas. Anne Boyer took us to the Bloch Museum where a BLACK ROTHKO is hanging, WOW, it was such a dream, something I had only seen in a book before. BUT, MY, FAVORITE! FAVORITE! piece is the Louise Nevelson piece! (did I spell her name right?) Then we had food at a famous barbeque joint in Kansas City, which to me smelled like a crematorium, oy, made me sick.

6 Gallery for our reading. What a huge crowd, I don't even know how many people, but so many people that they we're sitting on the floor all the way back to the door. We sold a lot of books, made a lot of great new friends.

In the bathroom in 6 Gallery, next to the toilet there's a little table. In the drawer is my FAVORITE postcard photograph of DIVINE in a leopard print, big, CRAZY, DELICIOUS grin, black and white. Under the postcard is a tiny pink box of condoms called CHERRY SEX LIFE which promise flavor for your pleasure I LIKE THIS TOWN!

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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