Saturday, November 03, 2007

last night. today. tomorrow.

kate greenstreet and chris vitiello were fucking great last night.

just so you know. i think the new space was great, too. but kate and chris were extra great. chris performed a play using an action figure and animal figure toys and read some poetry... kate read in her usual show-stopping, breathtaking, o man i missed that when i was reading her book... way. i have some clips, or will have some clips later when i have time to go through them and upload... to share with you all.

all in all i have to tell you, especially you non-believers in the poetry climate of the Triangle Area [Durham Raleigh & Chapel Hill] that there is definitely what can only be described as super amazing poetry energy going on here and you should be trying to make us a stop on yr tours through this side of the US.

today i have to write a lot. and run and stuff.



tomorrow the Colts play the Patriots. THIS is a very big ass deal and i am already having a sort of Poets pre-Superbowl extravaganza here for it. chances are that if you are in town, have been to my house before, and love one of these teams... you will be more than welcome to come over and drink some beer, eat some chips and dip, and have some pizza. doors open at 4. the only rule is, though... that we actually WATCH THE GAME! so far we have a crowd split right down the middle: half for the COLTS [GO COLTS!!!] and half for the other team [BOO OTHER TEAM!].

i am very excited about this game folks. i'm especially excited to have company for it!


Ken Rumble said...

Wish I could make it tomorrow -- and yeah, last night was effing rad.

jerrold said...

enjoy the game...should be a doozy...

oh yeah...

f the patriots!

judy j said...

hey team

yeah, i know baseball season is over, but get this:

i'm scanning a how-to book from 1915, and its tips are so rudimentary it's hilarious.

for example, "It should be a firmly ingrained habit with the catcher never to drop the ball..."

i don't know which is funnier, that the editors had italicized those last five words, or that some reader or other in the past century has discreetly underlined the word 'drop.'

anyway - things sound great over there. cheers - judy

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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