Saturday, November 17, 2007


folks. it really sucks when yr best dog friend dies.

i was going to give up blogging forever. what's to blog if the star of the show has died? percy really was the best of us. but, i'm self-indulgent and am fueled by this constant need to communicate. so. here i am.


we leave soon for thanksgiving in NY/NJ.

in the mail i've received:

the new foursquare [which is, as usual, gorgeous.]

Snow Sensitive Skin by taylor brady & rob halpern. i have to say this is a dream come true, having these two write a book together. and it is gorgeous. i keep opening it, reading a little, and closing it because i'm just overwhelmed and i'm not ready for it yet.

i got dorothea lasky's AWE and Cate Marvin's Fragment of the Head of a Queen.

we aren't doing a whole lot lately. we're too halfed. trying to write today.

i don't know about this blogging business anymore. i think this will be it for some time now. too much going on. and also, a need for a little more privacy....

see you in a few months.

happy holidays and not-holidays.


nmm said...

wrote maggie a letter--didn't know about the sad news when i wrote it. i'm very sorry about your loss. my dogs mean a lot to me, and so i can in some way understand.


Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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