Wednesday, November 07, 2007

bug on my house

bug on my house
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what IS it.


Michelle Detorie said...

cicada shell?

kathryn l. pringle said...


they have shells??? are you kidding me? this is not even a bug? it is a shell of a bug?


do you think it is still inside? do they go in and out of them like hermit crabs?

o my god!

don't they go away for the winter? like the skeeters?

-k said...

Yep, cicada. Not sure the year for this one.

We had a summer ultimate team called "Cicada Smoothie" during the 2004 DC invasion of 17-year cicadas. They covered everything: trees, fields, buildings, even pets. Lots of dogs ate them and got stomach aches. Our cats kept pouncing at the windows every time they flew by -- like for two straight months.

kathryn l. pringle said...

yr kidding. right?

does that happen here? because... i don't think i would like that at all.

is it IN THERE still?

o, this is just grossing me out.

-k said...

Nah, it's gone. Just a shell.

The mid-Atlantic is full of them. I think some species have 13 year cycles, others have 17. And a few get messed up and emerge early or late depending on weather conditions or changes to the food supply (underground tree roots). The shell is a one-time thing.

This is probably not something that sounds, um, super appealing, but at least a few folks are known to gather the shells and make string necklaces.

kathryn l. pringle said...

i understand the making of the necklace way more than the wearing of the necklace.

o dear. the bugs are never going away.

Chris Vitiello said...

it's a republican, kate

kathryn l. pringle said...

ew... get it off!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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