Friday, July 06, 2007

why i haven't written about texas.

we had to take Poods to emergency on the fourth. he began his awful lung coughing and he really wasn't doing well. they put him in an oxygen tank overnight and increased his medication and... well... the heat and humidity is not treating him well. we had to stay in texas an extra day. good news is that Poods seems to be taking to his increased medication very well and he seems better than he's been in a while now.

but we are extremely stressed out people right now.

we are driving from texas to memphis tomorrow. all through flash flood warnings. all in pouring southern rain. our Percy Poodle is still in congestive heart failure and we are more and more realizing how frail his health is. we have mapped out vets for each major city we pass through for the rest of the trip.

as if moving across the country wasn't hard enough.

bear dog seems to be the most calm of all of us. his pepcid works well. and. if you know bear dog. well. he's not exactly CALM.


we no longer care about seeing the country. we just want to get to durham, turn the air conditioner on, and help Percy feel comfortable.


poet CAConrad said...

My dears! I'm lighting a candle for Elvis to guide you safely to and through Memphis.

Percy, you know North Carolina is a beautiful place. Yes.

Love to you 3,

belz said...

hey kate - where are you moving? why did you leave san fran?

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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