Monday, July 09, 2007


we are here.

a very special friend has given us her brand new macbook to use until my computer gets here. she's AWESOME. she's from california, too.

well. durham.

is empty.

bear dog and i went for a walk this morning to find a coffee shop. we live right in downtown durham. but, apparently nobody else does. besides sweating profusely after 20 minutes outside... it actually took me 20 minutes to find coffee. and it wasn't a cool... hey, i can walk over here and write.... coffee place, either. i think there are better ones the other way. but. yeah. O, and NOBODY ELSE was around. it was creepy. i hope that it is a little busier than this.... like... soon. i'm not used to it.

also. it is very dark and quiet here.

and the house smells like mold. which is gross. we are having that checked out tomorrow morning.


the house is so big i've already lost maggie in it. and we got here yesterday.

i'm looking forward to our desks and chairs and tv and STUFF... getting here tomorrow. rumor has it that tony tost and chris vitiello are stopping by to help us unload at some point... i'm guessing EVENING.

tonight we had dinner with other folks we met at prospectives weekend... and we really like them and are so happy we have friends here already... makes the move so much easier. and POETRY friends, even.

one day we will meet ken rumble.

my brain is fried from heat, humidity.... and i have 13 mosquito bites.

do we even have mosquitos in the bay area?

i found a dead tick on percy today. he was taking his bath and there it was.

i really could go on and on about all the BUGS everywhere. i'm so not used to BUGS.

and Sweet Tea. which is just... TOO SWEET. and if you don't ask for unsweetened... yr screwed.

it is beautiful here.

and i think we will write a lot.

i have to go email peoples now. and find a job.


suzanne said...

i want to move to durham.

kathryn l. pringle said...

cool. you can live in our house for 300 a month .... for about 6 months... until you get yr own place.

The Itinerant Poetry Librarian said...

i see you have arrived. we have too. portland library membership as of right now...20...and not an offensive hairstyle in sight...yet...

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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