Saturday, March 17, 2007


one of my former profs at SFSU [who shall remain nameless] once told maggie right before we started seeing each other "she can be a bit worshipful." and it is true. i can be. only... it really is a diction-related worshipful.

i'm telling you this because i went to see both of kate greenstreet's readings in the bay area this week & i can tell you that i am JUSTIFIABLY WORSHIPFUL of kate greentreet's work... and kate, too... and her husband max....

i will defend myself later ... i just realized i left kate's book at home... but i can tell you that i am not alone. i haven't seen a wait for books to be signed as long as kate's in a many months now. i had to wait thirty minutes to say hello to her last night... she's a popular lady.


i had a dream yesterday morning that E. Tracy Grinnell was now doing backgrounds for cartoons.

i can't explain this.


how was SPT last next?

next week it is suzanne stein & jack kimball!


o, yes, i also wanted to say that i am forever amazed by jessica smith & her curations... such lovely little books! i'm so happy to spend money on them!


CLAY BANES said...

if i could have, i'd have seen her twice, too.

here's something curious.

kathryn l. pringle said...


*who* is that?

& hey... sorry we didn't meet formally! not the idiot who doesn't know what poetry is, but you... clay banes.

CLAY BANES said...

we will meet formally. there will be a reception afterwards, and it will appear in the newspapers.

kathryn l. pringle said...

o good. & i promise next time i won't yell "ARMAND!" at you.

Jessica Smith said...

thank you :)

and kate is great. i agree.

CLAY BANES said...

you helped me yelling armand. i hate it when people blow people's names. and there is was, standing there blowing it.

i hadn't known armand. after sunday at new yipes, i may never be able to forget him.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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