Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Bruce Andrews Dream

Kate has pressured me into appearing on the blog again. The problem is that I don't have anything interesting to say. I haven't even felt chatty. I did have an interesting dream last night, though. I was in college again and was at a reading. Unexpectantly, Bruce Andrews shows up and begins reading. Some people are annoyed because it was already the end of the reading and Bruce wasn't supposed to be one of the readers. But I'm in the front and in the moddle of his reading Bruce demands cantalope. So I go into the kitchen area and find him cantalope and I'm about to bring him some of the melon, when Rosmarie Waldrop grabs it from me and tells me that she will bring it to him and tell him to end the reading. This happens. Many people leave, but I am still hanging out with Bruce because he thinks I'm going to let him crash at my house. We find a cassette tape that has recorded the poems people were making up in their head as Bruce was reading. I'm one of the people on the tape. I am very excited to hear my own thoughts recorded. Bruce misunderstands me and thinks I'm not interested and destroys my segment. I am very angry with him and leave. Then a player from the Polish Olympic handball team comes to us to show us his medal. Bruce and I watch several minutes of play on a video screen. I tell Bruce that I like games where the same formation is run over and over again until it works (soccer). He is not impressed with my assessment. I leave Bruce in a classroom filled with undergraduates hanging on to his every word. Also, during this entire dream, I am not wearing underwear and only a cloth to cover me. As all of the actions are occurring, I am worried that Bruce will notice I am not really dressed.

Ok, dream interpreters, go to work.

-- Maggie


AB said...

Can we call this the dreams about lang=pos comment stream?
I had a Rae Armontrout dream Sat. night. Rae & I were in my friend Kristin the nurse's victorian house & everything was severely on the diagonal. We were touring the house, and Rae and I were taken to the dirt cellar, the foor of which was impossibly slanted, like a mountain. I said,"Wow, this is a crooked house," but everyone pretended they didn't know what I was talking about & that I was crazy, the house wasn't crooked.

ADG: said...

Hi Maggie,

I've just started a blog of poets' dreams. Can I include your Bruce Andrews dream? All the dreams are anonymous at this point, so your name wouldn't be on it (thinking of changing this aspect of the thing).

Also Anne -- can I include your dream as well?
the blog is www.annandaledreamgazetteonline.blogspot.com

You can email me at Lynn.Behrendt@gmail.com


rozydesouza said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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