Monday, March 26, 2007


is what my peoples say.

my ribs, ufda.
my back, ufda.

this cough... UFFDA.

i can't tell if writing w/ codeine is good for my german sonnets project.

maggie was saying last night that we should maybe re-think having babies since we are already two old ladies... w/ her back & my love affairs w/ various viruses. i did hear that. but.

i got to lay in bed this morning and watch a baseball game. red sox v reds. it wasn't very exciting. i'm not a fan of either team. i used to like the red sox because i hated damon and loved to hate damon and so it gave me something to do when they played... root for the other team. but, alas, damon is a yankee... & i was a yankee fan... but then... damon became one... so then i switched firmly to the A's because i always liked them anyway. and i can get tickets to their games.

which... i do care for the giants... but cripes. what about the home opener? hello?


Jamesy-Cakes said...

re: the giants...word. what the hell?

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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