Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yr carbon footprint?

i woke up at 3 am thinking that i need to post this!

yr carbon footprint has a direct effect on CLIMATE.

you will need to have yr most recent electricity bill & an honest estimate of how many miles you drive a month & how much mpg yr car gets. IF you are a driver!

also, make sure you choose yr country! you know how us USers can't measure things the same way as everyone else.

our carbon footprint was angelic. which surprised me. but, we keep the thermo at 65 [& we have to since SF is the new Brooklyn] & turn lights off when we don't need them.

i hope yrs is as good.

also, we finally viewed Al Gore's _An Inconvenient Truth _& it actually was informative & terrifying.

there is also a rumor that PG & E will plant a tree for you if you give them a little extra money. i will try & find out if this is true. maybe you already know that it is.


one more thing about the environment.... if you are suffering from CHOICE FATIGUE at the market.... try & buy the foods w/ the least amount of packaging.

for more helpful info try THIS SITE. there is also a book by this group that has been the inspiration for OUR emergency green lifestyle that is super helpful.

let me know how it goes!