Monday, January 15, 2007


this is revealing, but...

maggie & i are seriously worried that chloe is to be killed tonight on 24.


i pre-ordered logan ryan smith's the singers today. you can too... here you go. i'm very much looking forward to it.


i feel better but the Poods is still sick. he had to go to the doc this am & get some fluids. has an upset tummy. poor little Poods.


i think we will actually be attending all the millions of readings this weekend. after a long hiatus.


are there any other non-joggers or haven't jogged in over a year joggers out there who want to start?
i miss running & i won't do it alone. i know me. i'm a chicken.



dbuuck said...

if you come to oakland, me & the pups will run w you...
ps rip, sonia.

minor american ii said...


maybe we will MOVE to oakland & then we can go running.

& yes. RIP sonia. little lady.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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