Monday, June 05, 2006

this is not a post.

maggie and i have been drinking champagne and not posting.

although, she did just tell me to let you all know...

in case you didn't

that we are lesbians.

i don't know why. exactly. she thought i should tell you this.


i've started reading this book . and i am a little frightened of technology right now.

actually. i'm a little frightened of what human beings will decide to do with technology now. or soon.


maggie got me a banjo for my birthday and it is beautiful.


BB said...

A banjo! Fucking awesome. Do you want to start a bluegrass gospel band?

Geraldine said...

you might want to read this book when you're done reading that one

here's something funny he said in an interview once:

As part of his daily routine, Kurzweil ingests 250 supplements, eight to 10 glasses of alkaline water and 10 cups of green tea. He also periodically tracks 40 to 50 fitness indicators, down to his "tactile sensitivity." Adjustments are made as needed.

"I do actually fine-tune my programming," he said.

Geraldine said...

ps. i like lesbians

pps. i am going to get yr book from malia, eventually

ppps. i want a cat but i'm never home and my apt is too small so i am not going to get a cat

White Male Poet said...

holy shit you guys are (gasp) lesbians. holy shit.

Alli Warren said...

I'm w/ BB, let's start a band

minor american ii said...

yes. we are starting a bluegrass gospel band.
and we totally had alli and bb in mind.
so. there.

but we have to cover Warpigs.

and thanks for the book rec gerry.

and i'm glad you like lesbians.


dbuuck said...

i can play bass or piano or ideall washboard. secular gospel pls

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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