Saturday, June 24, 2006


too much so.

i don't have the energy to even attempt to communicate how much i loved judith goldman's and david brazil's Wall on Terra last night at New Langton. but, i did. love it. very much.

i think every time the weather changes i start to feel a little bit sick.

am reading the omnivore's dilemma and becoming more and more disgusted with Corn. Corn the commodity.


and, Suzanne Stein 's Fugitive State in Both Both ... you all have to read this... i love that :

"Everything inside conspires."

i will say more about this poem when i'm feeling better. and the Wall on Terra because i stole david's script and get to read it now.


tomorrow is the dyke march so we are skipping the poetry marathon and marching and partying in the castro. it is really the only time of year we identify as homos before writers.


i wonder how many hits the blog will get because i wrote : HOMO.


i have work here, now, with a couple more to be added this week. my harmony series.


i'm worried about North Korea and launching missiles.

i suddenly realize i haven't done nearly as much as i want to do with my life.


maggie and i bought our first bed together and it was delivered today.

i think that means we are getting pretty serious.



John Sakkis said...

Suzanne S. rocks the spot...

kdvorak said...

klp wrote: "i suddenly realize i haven't done nearly as much as i want to do with my life."

in response, i write: you've met me. that's enough. take a break. celebrate.

then, and only then, get back to work.

happy 34th, plus one month and almost a week.

and congrats on the bed buy. i hope you went for the twin size. cozy extreme.

(ps. corn is innocent. it's oppressed. commodified corn knows no better.)

amy said...

RE: blog hits -- try perve, pervy, naked, and nude. Those seem to get hits on my flickr page anyway.

Congrats on the new bed together!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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