Monday, June 05, 2006

a post

okay, so i didn't believe maggie that if i put the word "lesbian" in one of our posts our blog's sitemeter would go out of control and so i did and it did and it is a good thing that i didn't bet any money.

i thought just "banjo" would do the trick, but no, "lesbian" is the more popular google word of the two.


i just got an email from the CW program at state spreading the word about a teaching job in Poland that i'm pushing maggie into doing. it would only be for a semester and i think she'd be ideal for the job and it would be good for her CV. don't you think?

[i'm not having to push very hard.]


suzanne's press, TAXT, looks to be damn near ready to exist in blogland and as soon as she gives me the word i will add her link. we get a lot of googlin' for that, which is really great.

i still don't have a copy of david buuck's chapbook just released... [hint hint]. i've heard it is AMAZING. and i bet it is.

next up is maggie, i think.

if she ever stops thinking about bruce springsteen tickets and sends her copy to suzanne. [another hint.]


i'm currently not having any deep thoughts about Flarf.

i know.

there is this unfinished feeling. at least here. in this blog. and i know maggie is eventually going to respond to mike magee's last comment to her. and i also think it is her response to give.

and also... i was just reading all the flarf / thier guys... all kinds of comments over at limetree and wanted to let Gary know that so far the comment writers here that were also in attendance at magee's reading were : maggie, myself, michael nicoloff, and it was, of course, held at david buuck's house. and he was home.



i think that it is a really good idea for Brandon, Alli, Maggie and myself to form a bluegrass gospel band.


i do.

don't you?


aside from radical evolution i'm still reading the collected poems of ted berrigan and the battlefield of where the moon says i love you by frank stanford.

i'm having a bit of a hard time with frank stanford's because i don't ever find myself with a huge chunk of time [not these days] in which i can sit and really read this massive poem for a long time. every time i close the book i find myself returning to page one when i return to it.

has anybody else had this experience?

how did you do it?

i guess i'm imagining the impossible...reading it straight through.

i'm so optimistic.


Alli Warren said...

hint hint: me neither re: buuck's book

BB said...

yeah me NEITHER bout Buuck's book. But as for bluegrass gospel band, I'm all in.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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