Saturday, April 08, 2006

More reason to be angry

OK. So with trying to get into PhD programs I've become the worst blogger in the world. Kate has revived this blog. Thanks to her. I will try to exist here again, but my mind is in the most mundane of places all the time these days. For a while I was obsessed with 911 Conspiracy but that became too terrifying to read all the time (see Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" if you are strong enough). I am still at politics. It helps my nerves or is a good place to put nervous energy as it doesn't take too much concentration to understand. In any case, here is something for everyone to chew on:

The other night I was listening to local NPR in the car and there was a personal essay by a local food bank worker who was lamenting the recent cut in a federal food program. Through the Department of Agriculture her organization distributes a box of food once a month to low income seniors. It consists of cheese, eggs, peanut butter, fruits and vegetables. The government is slowly phasing out the program, so that this particular food bank worker has to pick 1200 seniors in San Francisco to cut from the program.

The next day in the Times I read the results of an analysis performed by some statistical software of the most recent tax cuts. According to the analysis, the newest tax cuts result in people making over 10 million (on average people in this category earn 26 million) paying the same amount of taxes as people earning about 500,000. But no more boxes for low income seniors.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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