Thursday, April 06, 2006


i think the A's are going to the World Series.

i really do. they just had the jitters day one. but... i'm telling you.

they are *so* good this season.

we should all [what, all two of us?] go see the A's a lot this season.

and i'm sorry but i'm really over the Giants and barry. i don't even
care anymore. i just want everyone to shut up.

besides. i believe in the DH. i don't want to see pitchers bat. no.


A's. World Series.


in the poetry world i'm still writing my german sonnets for ted berrigan.

also going to read brossard all weekend.

other than that i am just waiting for job interviews
and rejection letters.


more on tables later.

peace out.


White Male Poet said...

BB & I are in. A's games galore!

minor american ii said...


let's kidnap judith, too.

kdvorak said...

just when i thought to myself, "my self, this is a delightfully intelligent blogspot," i scrolled across what appears to be the least thought out sentence i've read in months:

"i think the A's are going to the World Series."

ahhh, young grasshopper, come this summer, light shall be shed upon the woeful athletics.

oh my, the woeful athletics.

(i mean, really, what was i supposed to argue with you about, yr de Man analysis?)

rozydesouza said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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