Tuesday, January 15, 2008


anne boyer was and is so great we had the loveliest visit with her remembering our brains and guts. yesterday she went home and bear promptly had an acid reflux anxiety attack because she left. bear really loves anne and not just because she's so stylish. maggie was a little depressed yesterday, too, but me... i was just fine. [that is sarcasm.] the house feels completely different without anne in it.

the reading with ken and anne was awesome. i am very proud of myself for putting those two together for a reading. thank you, thank you.


jeff davis just sent me a link to some to some old ed dorn photos and thensome.

we are still reading through subs to minor american 1.2. we got so many and much and e is in india. we will get through them and back to you soon, though, and apologize profusely for thinking we'd be done by now.

i'm reading blanchot and kafka. i'm starting a new job in one week as a Copy Editor. this is very exciting as the place is full of poets which is always exciting.


ma vie en bling said...

tell bear I miss him, too!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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