Saturday, October 13, 2007

this is what keeps happening:

i want a certain baseball team to win. they don't win.

this has been going on for a year now. i think there really is no questioning my almost complete conversion to football, basketball, & hockey at this point. i don't know that i can give baseball up completely since i was always a little bit in love with steve garvey when i was a kid. but again... he didn't exactly turn out to be a winner either.

i'm so *over it* that i don't know i'll even watch the World Series this year. i hate boston. and i really can't stand the National League fans this year... what's all this God in my baseball???

still. it was hard for me not to cheer for bobby kielty. and eric byrnes. being former A's.


instead of baseball... or college football [just for today] i'm going to read the Maximus Poems and HD's Trilogy all day.

tomorrow i will watch the Cowboys and the Patriots and i am praying that the Patriots LOSE horribly but i don't know that God is on my side anymore since he went to the National League in baseball.


matt said...

i agree with your anti-patriots sentiments. that sounds horrible if taken out of context, but i just hate them. i'm not a dallas fan at all, but it's just something about that mike vrabel guy. i can't stand him. go cowboys. (what am i saying?)
who are you?
what am i?

Logan Ryan Smith said...


jerrold said...

boooooo cowboys!

kathryn l. pringle said...

matt... i know, i know... i'm a colts fan.

logan, so i turned the game on in the 4th inning and was up until almost 2 am... i can't do it.

jerrold... are you a patriots fan or a dallas hater?

Chris Vitiello said...

further evidence that hockey is the superior sport. this "baseball" sport will never catch on no matter how hard the advertisers keep cramming it down our throats.

also, the stillers will make the patriots their bitches.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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