Sunday, October 21, 2007

state fair day

today durham is trying to have Fall weather. it actually rained a little for two days in a row, but keeps returning to the mid-80s & gorgeous sunshine. today is cold, CRISP is what people say in the Fall, right? CRISP...

and trees change color in the Fall.[yes, i knew that, but i have been reminded.] i already have a favorite bright orange tree. it is across the street from this house that i'm trying to convince maggie we should buy. it has 3brs & tons of workspaces... but we wouldn't be near downtown. we wouldn't be completely in the burbs either.


this morning we are to meet Chris Vitiello and his daughter, Iris, at the state fair in Raleigh. [Raleigh came in 2nd to Salt Lake City for best city jobswise or some such thing... hello BAY AREA! come on out!].

here is the early history of the NC State Fair {i love the last earmark.}

1853 –State Agricultural Society holds the first State Fair; it was four days long. The largest attendance day had 4,000 fairgoers.

1861-1868 – Fair not held due to Civil War and Reconstruction period.

1869 – Fair reopens.

1873 – Fair moved to a larger site across from N.C. State University.

1877 – N.C. Department of Agriculture created.

1884 – Electricity is first used at the fairgrounds.

1891 – The first Midway ride, the Switchback Railway, is constructed on the fairgrounds.

1894 – Photography is a popular exhibit at the Fair.

1895 – Main attraction is chicken incubators.


our plan WAS to try the fried snickers and fried Coke-a-Cola.... because we have heard about them since we landed here from EVERYONE [bank tellers... cashiers... neighbors]... HOWEVER. i'm on a diet [3 years of good love from a good woman gives me a chubby glow.]... so i don't think i'm having any of this.


and then... we are coming home to read and write and i am going to make a little movie for Stephanie Young because a certain something showed up in the mail and she deserves nothing less than a little minor american flick.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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