Monday, September 17, 2007

seeking submissions: minor/american 1.2

[stamp art by Matthew Arnone]

dear dears, please pass around! thanks a lot! xxoo, k & m.

elise ficarra & i [and sometimes maggie zurawski] edit a small, handmade, handsewn, no money-making journal of writings and we'd like for you to consider sending some work! issue 1.1 is sold out. issue 1.2 is themed...

the theme is : CITY or CITI.

we are especially fond of LONG poems... please send up to 15 pages of work [any genre] to

our submission period closes on 12/1/07. we are aiming for issue 1.2 to come out in feb 2008.

please keep in mind that we like to publish longer works, or a lot of pages per writer... this means that we will probably only have room for 10-15 writers per issue... this means that if we don't publish you it may just be a matter of space so please still love us anyway!


elise said...

katie et. al. there are *two* remaining issues of the FIRST minor american print journal in a box in my car. surely, folks there are two of you out there who would love to snatch them up. let me or kate know, 'kay?

judy j said...

let x=x
not reward
or ransom

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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