Monday, September 17, 2007

my first season change

i can't believe summer ended so abruptly.
maggie swears it is just how it works when you live somewhere with seasons.
i thought it was global warming. [or cooling, rather, because i'm FREEZING now & mourning summer.]


anne said...

ok if it is like kansas, it will go away and then come suddenly back (it was 60 the other day, now it is supposed to be around 90 all week).


Brian Dean Bollman said...

The Bay area, as you know, is a mozaic of microclimates. My odd town is known for its diurnal range. 48 was the low this morning and 94 the high this afternoon. It's like this even in the middle of summer.

Anonymous said...

dude how long you been waiting to use diurnal

minor said...

i have a sore throat because of this.
they say 90 on friday. i can't wait.

wow, brian, where are you again?

dude anonymous.

Brian Dean Bollman said...


sorry about the sore throat. I live in Sonoma County, north of Santa Rosa.


When I was in the School of Natural Resources at Humboldt State we used the word almost diurnally.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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