Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is this what it means to be an academic in America?

Yesterday on my night stand was a copy of The Communist Manifesto right next to Suze Orman's The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke and The First-Time Homeowner's Handbook: A Complete Guide and Workbook for the First-time Home Buyer. I almost took a picture when I finally noticed the comic constellation. These are all books I recommend, by the way. I think, though, Orman's is probably the most useful for poets. She's a lesbo I hear.



poet CAConrad said...

I wouldn't know if that's what it means to be an academic.

But I do know Suze Orman needs to live up to her New Age Goddess aura and STOP telling people that it's okay to invest in stocks which include the private prison industry etc., etc.

It's GREAT that she's doing what she's doing because of course no one's ever took such a giant stand to help women deal with their money.

But it's NOT OKAY that she's not talking about responsible investing, like Green Investing.

And yes she's a lesbo. But so is Cheney's daughter. I'm not saying these women are the same, but they're both plugged in, deeply plugged in in similar ways about investing in the evils of America.

Someone told me Orman's attempting to make strides toward more responsible investing. Hope so.

I much prefer Mina Loy's stand in her MANIFESTO where she takes a look at what early 20th century feminists were working for, and she growls, loudly growls, IS THIS ALL YOU WANT TO HAVE WHAT MEN HAVE IS THIS IT IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!?



Minor American said...

Yeah, Well, she's really mainstream, but she was the first to explain in very clear math how my retirement account works (by the way it's a "socially responsible" one) and she also gives good plans for getting out of credit card debt, which is what I got into while writing my novel and it causes me endless anxiety. I think Suze is crazy. Her eyes are manic, but she's very good at explaining things to normal people who aren't stock brokers about what's happening with their money. She's good at explaining how money works, which for some reason, no one ever tells you, or at least they didn't tell me. And what I meant about being an academic was that you do things like read Marx but then you are still living in America and completely in the system. I mean, a university is just another fucked up capitalist system, except that you can hide in some departments and write weird books. It seems all or most universities get their money in fucked up ways. For instance, lung cancer (tobacco money), at least in part, is paying for my PhD.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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