Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News from Rabbit Light Movies...

Episode #3 (always swim at night) is complete.

It is a 35 minute tour film of
Zachary Schomburg
Mathias Svalina
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
and appearances by
Nathan Bartel &
Julie Doxsee
in the middle west

I didn't get a copy of Episode 1 because I was late on the draw... but... Episode 2 was gorgeous... so I think ya'll should consider snagging yr own copies by pestering Joshua Marie Wilkinson...


poet CAConrad said...

Wow, Kate, thanks so much for letting us know about these poet films, looks wonderful! Can you describe some of your favorite parts of the one you've seen?

And about Dean Koontz, I've never read him but I work in a bookstore and a customer said his FRANKENSTEIN book is better than the original. And, I just have to say it, I don't believe it.

Maggie's novel is the only novel I want to read.


amber said...

I can say that Koontz's Frankenstein was absolutely not better than the orginal. Absolutely not.

NY Radical said...

This is my favorite blog ever.


Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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