Tuesday, February 20, 2007

new news

our concerns regarding North Carolina & Duke have been taken on & up & tossed away. we have received MANY emails of support & welcome from Duke PhD's, Durham/Raleigh residents, & Poets. we feel really good about going there & everything we've been hearing. we are especially excited because Tony Tost is attending Duke & has already offered us a great deal of his [& his wife's] hospitality. [& Chris Vitiello is in Durham, too.

so. we are about 95% sure that we will be moving to Durham, NC in June. [maggie has already asked me five million times if i've sent off job applications & arranged interviews with Duke & UNC MBA programs.]. & also we have made arrangements to see some houses while we are there next week.

of course, if there is some discrimination against small, blind, cross-dressing, Percy Poodles... then it is all history. the whole plan. no PhD is worth losing Mr. Poods.

in other news, i am happy to see that suzanne stein has joined the blogging world as a blogger over there with stephanie young. there was a little movie featuring the two but i see that maybe it has been removed or my computer is lying to me? hmn...

in any case... welcome s. i hope it isn't the only way we get to see you before we leave.


Alli Warren said...

can I come in your suitcase?

kathryn l. pringle said...


suzanne said...

hi kate

let's have a date.

i miss you and apparantly you're about to do something insane, ie, leave sf for a better life with your wife in NC

so be it, i own a suitcase girlfriend

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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