Thursday, February 08, 2007

essay question continued.

essay question:

why have we been unable to create inclusive capitalism?
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brian dean bollman said:

Inclusive capitalism? On the one hand, capitalism is (in theory) available to all, and therefore inclusive by definition. On the other hand, the word "inclusive" suggests a communal attitude, and since capitalism relies upon individual self-interest to function, "inclusive capitalism" might seem self contradictory. What do you envision when conjuring that term?


firstly, i’m glad that brian responded to my essay question. thank you brian.

my new obsession is getting a Green MBA & so i have been doing a lot of research on this subject of “inclusive capitalism” – a term that, alas, i cannot take credit for, but that is in the regular ole jargon of business speech. [though maybe not enough.]

i think the perception that capitalism is... as you say “(in theory) available to all” but not in practice is something that needs to be examined. not only by ourselves but also by the many MNC’s that seem to adhere to this “in theory” only attitude.

for one... they cannot prosper without the consumer, no matter how hard they might try. & so, the consumer is still quite powerful in this dynamic.

the truth is that any business with a consumer base cannot rely on “self-interest” to be successful. it can, however, have some business practices that are solely in the interest of SELF... & by these i mean the scary unethical kinds... the ripping away of human dignity & the destruction of the planet, to name but two.

anyway.... the reason i bring this up is that there are so many amazing, ethical, environmental, & PROFITABLE businesses in India, & a few in Mexico & Brazil... that bring high quality goods & high quality education to a few of the 80% of the people in this world who are in poverty.... that i’m wondering what can be done in THIS country.

maggie & i have this fantasy that we can open the IDEAL factory in camden, NJ... employ locals, boost the economy, & eradicate poverty.

so. this is all just a work in progress.... a goal for me while i study for the GMAT.

well. one of my goals. the other is to get at least one multinational corporation to go completely green.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. Perhaps we want to define "completely green" a little further. Some large corporations, like SC Johnson, and Dow lead the market with the integration of sustainable business into their corporate strategy.

May want to consider UNC for your MBA search.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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