Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we are home.

& already while walking percy i had the opportunity to see two men pissing in the panhandle.

a far cry from rochester, MN [where it is probably too cold & panhandleless].

i just took a look at several blogs & comment boxes & i found it mostly depressing. [frustrating. offensive. etc.]

i think i'm going to take a long break from posting & write that novel some canadian is asking me for.


Anonymous said...

ys, thank you. blogdom is a waste of time.

i killed my blog and began my novel. in a short while, you too will begin and we will be one mind.

depressing it is, yes, my friend, depressing.

canadian friend

ps. your novel must be offensive!

minor american ii said...

dear anonymous canadian,

i must ask... if blogdom is such a waste... how did you find this one?

is yr novel offensive?

i can't imagine anything i write not offending someone.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

kate, your novel better include robots, giant animal-shaped balloons, zeplins, injectable drugs, more robots, a tower of babel, and copious use of pepper spray.

all, all of them, keys to a succesful novel. all of them.

Julie said...

i hope you didn't find roxanne offensive. i mean, i know she wasn't wearing a slip, but, i mean, i really didn't think it would offend or depress anyone.
otherwise i would have insisted she put it on.

minor american ii said...

o canada: am working on the offensive "novel".

logan: THANK YOU! it's as if you are reading over my should as i type!

julie: yes. it was shocking. absolutely shocking & i've yet to recover.

Anonymous said...

"i can't imagine anything i write not offending someone."

you're not offensive or critical enough on your blog. (there's a generic sort of leftist who seems to think that by simply being lesbian and female and white, generally uncritically passes as offensive.)

i read two or three blogs b/c the writing is promising.


minor american ii said...


and this is all getting to feel a little Ouija-like w/ the anonymous business.

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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