Sunday, October 01, 2006

reaction to the NY times at 8pm Pacific [a draft]: for Judith Goldman

it was reported today that the mechanism of movement over ran
itself. flailing about with gnat edges.

‘we do not wish to pursue legal action’ of course
because WE hasn’t been violated [contemplated] for nearly
12 years [he is, after all, nearly 16 years old, and therefore old enough to know better than to take money for sex or sex for money or give any senator enough to eat because we all know they have eaten plenty: don’t we?]

the papers contacted Mr. Representative’s office & were forwarded to Mr. Representative, who then forwarded the call to the Head Office of Representation.

the Representatives of the house of Representation have yet to return the call

[or recall]

of the paper. what we do know is this: there will
not be any LEGAL action taken at this time.

[ there are other times /occurrences that rhyme with indecency such as flagrant abuse of power & SOMETH -ing a minor.

[ there are other times that he will speak of never in the future tense but only in the half-limp light of some damn orchestrated catastrophe.

[ there is not an answer for this.

WE all went gone before we knew where we were headed

all the typers of typewriters and keyers of keyboards are expecting some kind of ARREST at some point in time whether it be by hand or heart : or both : what is it that makes people people god said to the other god

and god said back: SENATOR, WE DO.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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