Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Crack-Up

Four years ago, Maggie, I took a bus to DC with Lisa Jarnot to protest the Bush inauguration; little did I know what lay in store. I thought I was protesting a stolen election, a frat boy, a rich boy masquerading as the Biblical prodigal son; I thought I was protesting an evangelical Christian agenda and the dismantling of the New Deal.

Now, I am a mother and by proxy the murderer of other mothers' children. And of other children's mothers, viz. the photo in today's NY Times, and more where that came from at the BBC website. A family had run a checkpoint, so they say.This is what the American people endorsed -- "ratified" when they re-elected Bush, and I can no more "protest" his inauguration than I can drink the "hot coffee" Jake brings me in a little cup from his play kitchen set. So I guess I am swinging toward nihilism today. But a nihilist can still put her head down on her desk and sob.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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